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News 11/10/2008

The wings of the de Caters are now ready to be moved to the workshop of Firmin. The tail will be carried back to the Museum. Bruno, Pierre and Pascal are installing the radiator tubing and Pascal is polishing the engine. Theo and Pierre started to work on the propellors. The first is an orginial "Aeroplanes Voisin" part which was owned by Pierre de Caters. The second one is the propellor used on the Dabert.
Aeroplanes Monthy mentionned the transfer on loan of the Stampe & Renard V-59 "Manchots" to the renowned Stampe Museum in Antwerp.
The Auster AOP A-3 repainted as A-2 moved from Vissenaken to the Museum for the Antartic exhibition. The aircraft has been finely repainted by the Vissenaken team.
Please fill your agenda, the next special evening will happen on December 4th. Luc and his colleagues are already at work to prepare this event. We hope to see you.

Serge send us a new update of his comic news. see http://www.bamf.be/?Comic-strips
Visit (rediscover) the website of the Fonds National Alfred Renard
Henri send us a lot of interesting links
Charles discovered the Flight archives are now availlable on internet. This is an incredible source of information. A simple example of what can be found about Pierre de Caters
Museum special evening 04/12/2008
Brussels Air Museum -
Oct 11, 2008
The next Special Evening will happen on December 4th. More information will follow but Luc and his colleagues are already at work.
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Auster AOP VI "Antartic"
Brussels Air Museums -
Oct 11, 2008
Auster AOP VI Nr 3 repainted by the Vissenaken team as the Auster AOP VI Nr 2 used for Antartic expeditions
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Voisin de Caters
Brussels Air Museum -
Oct 11, 2008
Pictures about the construction of the replica of the Voisin de Caters You can find more details about this project at http://www.bamfbamrs.be/Bamrs/voisin-en.htm and http://w
- Pascal, Pierre & Bruno polishing the engine and installing the radiator tubing.
- Working on a "Aeroplanes Voisin" original propeller
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Tipsy Trainer
Oct 11, 2008
Here are some pictures taken during the restoration of the Tipsy
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André Hiernaux Pictures
Brussels Air Museum -
Oct 13, 2008
André Hiernaux is a Belgian living in Switzerland. During his visits to the Museum, he take pictures of the aircraft or objects displayed. Back home, he transform theses pictures in real pieces of art. We all know the aircraft in the prestigious decor of the Aviation hall. Thanks to André, for the first time, we can discover the aircraft out of their environment. We are happy and proud, André permitted us to share his works.
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New books


Coming soon A new book on Pierre de Caters is in the pipeline. 'Baron de Caters - Een leven vol beweging’ by Guy de Caters will officially be published on December 8th (a magnificent sinterklas gift) by the Heemkring De Drie Rozen. The book will contain around 120 pages in 21 x 29,7 cm format.  This biography of the first Belgian aviator is written be a relative of Pierre de Caters and contains documents from the familly archives never published before. One of the most renowned specialist of pioneers aviation collaborated in this project.

You can already order your copy. To 1/11/2008 by bank transfer of 14,50 EUR to bank account 220-0416080-83 of Heemkring De Drie Rozen vzw, Kerkstraat 41-45, 2970 ‘s-Gravenwezel. After 1/11/2008, the price will be 19,50 EUR.
In both case, please add 3,50 EUR (for Belgium) for postage cost. 

Full details at
http://www.asa-be.com/Files/BookDecaters.pdf thanks to Dirk





Tail-End Charly : the experiences of a RAF tail gunner flying B-25 Mitchells from Melsbroek.
My father was stationed at Melsbroek in 1944. He was a 2nd TAF air gunner with 180 squadron flying Mitchell B25 and I have just published a major children's book based on the stories he told me. It's called Tail-End Charlie.

Many of our books are published in the Netherlands and although this is the first book we made that tackles WW2 or planes it's been 10 years in the making. I am an associate member of the 2nd TAF MBA veterans association. .

If you'd like to order copies of the book please order through your usual source, via the internet or contact our PR Nicky Potter on
This is a very personal book and I am hoping it will do well, for my father and 180's sake.


Details here http://www.bamfbamrs.be/bamfillu/tail-endcharly.pdf

Any help much appreciated.

Best wishes from England


WEBSITE: http://www.mickandbrita.com

Mick Manning



Fox Moth OO-ENC colours : Carl Gootzen <Carl.Gootzen@scarlet.be> is looking for the colours of the De Havilland Fox Moth OO-ENC used by Guy Hansez for flight from Antwerp to Congo in the Thirties. This aircraft is still extent in New Zealand. Carl has found a newspapers article speaking of red wings. In the UK, the aircraft was painted in a blue and red scheme. Some of the fine scale models on display in the Stampe Museum were build by Carl. Please if you any idea where the information can be found contact Carl or us.

Marquain Aerodrome BOSTA 6 of BOGHOL 5 1918 I have been trying to find out the details of the aerodrome at Marquain, Belgium in 1918. I believe it was the home of BOSTA 6 of BOGHOL 5, a German bomber unit operatingthe Friedrichshafen GIIIa. I have been struggling to find anyone in the UK who could help me and wondered if you might either have anyinformation or be able to refer me to someone in Belgium who might be able to help. Many thanks Mike Andrew Manchester UK  Mike.Andrew@MAELbox.com


Future Events


Zaventem 18th October 2008

Hello everyone !
The next edition of the BRUCONVENTION will take place on  in the usual location in Zaventem.
If you want more information, visit the website www.bruconvention.be
To book a table, simply send an email to this address : bruconvention@hotmail.com
See you soon in Zaventem !

Olivier Lamoral


Museum Special evening 04/12/2008



See more at http://www.idearts.be/magazine/dossiers/nocturnes-muse03.htm

More information will follow



EXPOSITION du 11 octobre au 31 octobre 2008
Ouvert du Mercredi au samedi de 14 à 18h00 ou sur rendez-vous
Vernissage le samedi 11 octobre 2008 de 15 à 21h00

Invitation: http://www.artisis.be/jeanleclercqz.html

Les temps changent. Les avions sont de gros consommateurs d’énergie. D’autres technologies devront être inventées pour des avions plus propres et feront appel à une nouvelle créativité.

Jean Leclercqz tente d’innover à sa manière en s’inspirant d’avions anciens du temps des pionniers héroïques, en mêlant aéroplanes d’hier et d’aujourd’hui.

Il présente pour cette exposition plus de 40 œuvres, dont des impressions de grandes toiles de plusieurs mètres carrés mais également des montages de dessins.





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