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News 07/12/2008
Hello World,
A very busy week again. 
On December 4th, the Museum evening was a success with a lot of visitors at the Museum. The effort of the Museum staff to offer another perspective to their guests was appreciated and the presence of the Federal police, the 1st Squadron and musicians everywhere in the Museum was a vivid link between the past and Today. The guests who visited the Halberstadt workshop received deep explanations about the WW1 technology and the restoration in process. It was also the occasion to discover the Bordiaux Hall in a very different way.
On December 5th, The de Caters exhibition in s'Gravenwezel was officially opened and the book of Pierre de Caters was officially presented to the public. The end of long efforts by a lot of friends. The book is already a success and if you want your copy, the fast and easy way to obtain your copy is to go to visit the exhibition.
The painting of the first Tipsy fuselage is now underway. We will come back with pictures in the coming news.
You will also discover hereafter the progresses on the anti-corrosion process on the B-25 at New ICC.
We are also finishing 2 albums about the de Caters replica odyssey. One containing the fantastic drawings by Dragan. The second one will cover in picture the construction of the replica. Theses albums will offered to our supports and sponsors.
Last but not least the "Belgians in RAF & SAAF 1940-1945" & the André Dillien lists are now updated.

Hoping to see you soon
Museum special evening 04/12/2008
Royal Army Museum Air & Space Hall Brussels -
Dec 4, 2008
The Special Evening happened on December 4th. Luc and his colleagues prepared a lot of new features to present the Museum at his best. Pictures of the successfully event, including some nice pictures from Karl.
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Belgians in RAF and SAAF 1940 1945
Brussels Air Museum -
Dec 6, 2008
Leopold Heimes & Dirk Frimout by Marc Artiges
Enlist ! The group supported by the bamf focus on Belgian aircrews who operated with the RAF and SAAF during World War II. These pictures are only a few examples of the marvels discovered by the group. To see more, to learn about the project or join visit http://www.bamfbamrs.be/RAF/index.htm
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A B-25 back to Belgium : The wings & the fuselage under process at new ICC.
New ICC Lokeren - Nov
The wings and the fuselage are now under process at New ICC. The operation is planned to be completed end January 2009. You can find more information about the project at http://www.bamf.be/?A_B-25_Back_to_Belgium
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Voisin de Caters inauguration
Brussels Air Museum -
Dec 6, 2008
More pictures by Karl
Pictures about the inauguration of the replica of the Voisin de CatersYou can find more details about this project at
and http://
Pictures of the aircraft construction at http://picasaweb.google.com.uk/bamf.bamrs/VoisinDeCaters#
Hoping to see you soon
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December 6, 7, 13 and 14th, The heemkring De Drie Rozen of 's-Gravenwezel, in co-operation with Aviation Society of Antwerp, holds an exhibition on the figure of Pierre baron de Caters, Belgium's first pilot and world famous car racer.

Entry to the exhibition is free of charge. The new 'Baron de Caters' book by Guy de Caters will be on sale.

Place to be : Feestzaal Karel Borstlap, Kerkstraat 41-45, 's-Gravenwezel  (Google Map)- 14 till 18u

Source : http://www.asa-be.com/index.htm



Web update

André Dillien lists : OO-Registers Belgian aircraft civil register, pilot lists updated 03/10/2008
The lists are now updated at Federal police Helicopter Video
- The lists are sorted alphabetically
- The first file "Index" contain a description of the different lists.
- There is a new list "Museum" about aircraft preserved at the
Brussels Museum.
- The file TARIF-FRAGES contains the list and prices of André printed
To ease your search, you can use the sort by date option
Do not hesitate to contact André for corrections or updates

 New books  

Please note : The Sabena 2009 Calendar is still availlable at the shop
BATAILLES AERIENNES N°46 DIEPPE - 19 Août 1942, les combats aériens. by Jean-Louis Roba
See more   
Le N° 349 (Belgian) Squadron au combat 1943-1945 by André Bar & Jean-Louis Roba
See more   
Coming soon A new book on Pierre de Caters is in the pipeline. 'Baron de Caters - Een leven vol beweging’ by Guy de Caters will officially be published on December 8th (a magnificent sinterklas gift) by the Heemkring De Drie Rozen. The book will contain around 120 pages in 21 x 29,7 cm format.  This biography of the first Belgian aviator is written be a relative of Pierre de Caters and contains documents from the familly archives never published before. One of the most renowned specialist of pioneers aviation collaborated in this project.
You can already order your copy. To 1/11/2008 by bank transfer of 14,50 EUR to bank account 220-0416080-83 of Heemkring De Drie Rozen vzw, Kerkstraat 41-45, 2970 ‘s-Gravenwezel. After 1/11/2008, the price will be 19,50 EUR.
In both case, please add 3,50 EUR (for Belgium) for postage cost. Full details at
Current & Future Events
Aviation Aces 
November 13, 2008  until end of april 2009  
See more at Museum Agenda
De Caters exhibition at the Museum
De Caters exhibition in 's-Gravenwezel
A B-25 back in Belgium



We would like to reinforce the B-25 restoration Team.

For this purpose, the bamf is currently contracting insurance for 12 restorers. The restoration activities have already started and will soon enter greater scale operations. Although we are looking for persons with technical knowledge in aircraft restoration, we want also give the opportunity to unexperienced volunteers to join the project on a benevolent basis.

If you are motivated to work on a WW2 aircraft, please contact Nicolas at nicolas.godfurnon@skynet.be 

You can learn more about the project at http://www.bamfbamrs.be/B25/B25-en.htm

WW1 German Radio Equipment : David <mailto:davidpyker@hotmail.com> is looking for information on radio equipments used on German Aircraft during Word War 1. If you have any information or references where he can search please contact him.


Fox Moth OO-ENC colours : Carl Gootzen <Carl.Gootzen@scarlet.be> is looking for the colours of the De Havilland Fox Moth OO-ENC used by Guy Hansez for flight from Antwerp to Congo in the Thirties. This aircraft is still extent in New Zealand. Carl has found a newspapers article speaking of red wings. In the UK, the aircraft was painted in a blue and red scheme. Some of the fine scale models on display in the Stampe Museum were build by Carl. Please if you any idea where the information can be found contact Carl or us.


Marquain Aerodrome BOSTA 6 of BOGHOL 5 1918 I have been trying to find out the details of the aerodrome at Marquain, Belgium in 1918. I believe it was the home of BOSTA 6 of BOGHOL 5, a German bomber unit operatingthe Friedrichshafen GIIIa. I have been struggling to find anyone in the UK who could help me and wondered if you might either have anyinformation or be able to refer me to someone in Belgium who might be able to help. Many thanks Mike Andrew Manchester UK  Mike.Andrew@MAELbox.com


To join us, see

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