News 09/10/2009 : The new Belgian Ambassador of the EFHA

News 09/10/2009 :  The new Belgian Ambassador of the EFHA
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A good news, our friend Yves Cartillier (former Sabena & Westland Lysander OO-SOT pilot) has been appointed Belgian Ambassador of European Federation Historic Aviation (EFHA).

We wish him many happy landings in his new function.

Do not hesitate to contact him

European Federation Historic Aviation


Harry Haas
Chairman EFHA


Dear friend of historic aviation,

We are very happy to inform you that we have found a great Ambassador for EFHA in Belgium. His name is Yves Cartilier and he is an Airline professional that is well known in the EU historic aviation community. Yves is motivated to help our organization ahead. We are very pleased that he wants to be Ambassador for the EFHA.

What will change? For now and for you.....not much. EFHA has to set up it's ambassador network first. If you want to, you can communicate with Yves via ambassador-belgium@efha.eu. At a later stage Yves will introduce himself to you. We now have ambassadors in 4 countries including Belgium and that is a great achievement in this very short time. It shows the commitment YOU have and the power YOU bring...and that is why we all will get it right this time and we will persevere!

With regards ,

Harry Haas

chairman EFHA
Mobile: +31622024754

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The European Federation Historic Aviation (EFHA) welcomes you on her website. The EFHA is a true European initiative and is being founded to ensure a future for historic aviation. In our opinion historic aviation brings European citizens together, no matter what background or age.

Together we can, amongst other things, fight for sensible rules and regulations for historic aviation. To be an effective partner in negotiations with the EU and the aviation rulemaking partners we need to become a recognized organization. The democratic rules apply here: Large organizations get recognized by the rulemaking partners in the EU and small ones are disregarded. That is why we need you to register with us. Without numerical backup we are nowhere. SO PLEASE REGISTER BY CLICKING THE REGISTER BUTTON! The registry is open to every body involved in or with historic aviation i.e.  pilots, owners, technicians, volunteers and sympathizers. 


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