News 06/12/2009 : Tipsy propeller - Mosquito cockpit - Sabena Fle

News 06/12/2009 : Tipsy propeller - Mosquito cockpit - Sabena Fleet - Video Lysander F84F
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Many happy landings

DH 98 Mosquito NF 30 RK952
Royal Army Museum - Air & Space Hall - Brussels -Dec 6, 2009
by bamf.bamrs
Instrument pannel installed & details of the radar installation
You can find more details on this project at http://users.skynet.be/BAMRS/mosquito/mosquito-en.htm
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Tipsy Trainer
Royal Army Museum - Air & Space Hall - Brussels -
Dec 6, 2009 by bamf.bamrs
Engine identification plate and propeller installed
Here are some pictures taken during the restoration of the Tipsy. See more at http://www.bamfbamrs.be/Bamrs/tipsy-en.htm
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DH89 Dragon Rapide G-AKNV
Royal Army Museum - Air & Space Hall - Brussels -
Dec 6, 2009 by bamf.bamrs
Pictures of the restoration of one of the oldest resident at the Royal Army Museum - Air & Space Hall in Brussels (Brussels Air Museum). More about this restoration at http://users.skynet.be/BAMRS/dh89/dh89-en.htm
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In this late fifties movie, F-84F Thunderstreak played the role of Mig-15. Not yet found any other video portraying the Streaks.
With its electrifying flight sequences and high-powered cast, The Hunters is an mesmerizing film based on the best-selling novel by veteran fighter pilot James Salter. Set during the height of the Korean War, the story centers on Major Cleve Saville (Robert Mitchum), a master of the newly operational F-86 Sabre fighter jets. But adept as he is at flying, Saville's personal life takes a nosedive when he falls in love with his wingman's (Lee Philips) beautiful wife (May Britt). To make matters worse, Saville must cope with a loud-mouthed rookie (Robert Wagner) in a daring rescue mission that threatens all their lives in this well-crafted war drama.

The Westland Lysander was a British army co-operation and liaison aircraft used in the Second World War. It achieved fame through its ability to operate from short stretches of unprepared airstrip and its clandestine missions to plant or retrieve agents from behind enemy lines, particularly in Nazi-occupied France. Like other British army air co-operation aeroplanes, it was given the name of a military leader, in this case, the Spartan Lysander. In 1934, the Air Ministry issued the Specification A.39/34 for an army co-operation aircraft to replace the Hawker Hector. Initially, Hawker Aircraft, Avro and Bristol were invited to submit designs, but after some debate within the Ministry, a submission from Westland was invited as well. The Westland design, internally designated P.8, was the work of Arthur Davenport under the direction of "Teddy" Petter. It was Petter's second aircraft design and he spent considerable time interviewing RAF pilots to find out what they wanted fro... more

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In the magical setting of the Royal Museum of the Army, the exhibition shows how many authors have drawn inspiration from history and military techniques.  In visiting the exhibition, the public will go through all the collections of the Museum.  Visitors will discover original and amusing showcases of items of the collections and how they are reflected in the comic strips.  The two dimensions of the comic strip are thus juxtaposed to the real world.
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