News 07/01/2010

News 07/01/2010 :  Bamrs site update - Tipsy article - new links - H21 video

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The Museum has recently acquired a very rare De Havilland DH.4 ruder, see more here.

The Brussels air museum is the popular name of what is in reality the Great Hall of the Royal Army Museum in Brussels see more here.

Some pictures at the same location;

Our restoration projects are progressing full boast, enjoy the detailed reports of Nicolas on his site dedicated to the bamrs.

- Dragon Rapide page

- North American B-25 page.

The Tipsy was the object of an article in the famous Avianews of Belgium. Thanks to the editor and author Bob Rongé, find here a pdf copy of this article. 


Time to time, we collect artefacts not directly in relation with our restorations. This is the case with a fine WW2 British comic book we received as a gift. We transmitted this book to the collections of the Museum. We know this piece of history will be well preserved there. See an extract of this document here 

More videos in our video section with a small film about Nicolas Florine and another one about the Piasecki helicopters family including the H-21 once operated by the Sabena and Belgian Air Force crews in Congo. Click here to visit the Video section  


We added two links. The first one is about Flying-cam This company founded by the Liège born Emmanuel Prévinaire provides drones to Motion pictures companies for stuning movie sequences. The next time, you will see Desesperate Housewives or James Bond, remember the aerial scenes are a little bit of Belgian origin.


The second one is about the Musée international de la base de Chièvres who is now officially since a few week a non profit organisation with theis status published to the official newspaper.


The book of Bart Vandamme de snelste mensen ter wereld (300 pages, many illustrations) is out of press. See more about this interesting book here (from the www.fasinfo.be site) 


The  2nd Tactical Air Force Medium Bombers Association Newsletter page is updated. The back issues of February, May and August are now availlable on the website of the bamf at http://www.bamf.be/Dispersals/ 


Many happy landings

 Current & Future Events


15.10.2008 - 28.02.2009

In the magical setting of the Royal Museum of the Army, the exhibition shows how many authors have drawn inspiration from history and military techniques.  In visiting the exhibition, the public will go through all the collections of the Museum.  Visitors will discover original and amusing showcases of items of the collections and how they are reflected in the comic strips.  The two dimensions of the comic strip are thus juxtaposed to the real world.
Royal Museum of the Army and of Military History
Parc du Cinquantenaire, 3
1000 Brussels

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