News 27/03/2010 The spring is there - A-26 turret - Debongnie boo


News 27/03/2010 :  The spring is there - A-26 turret - Debongnie booklet - Coppermine and much more

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The spring is finally there.

The winter was specialy long here this year. It maybe explain why we were silent during weeks but this is also because we worked a lot; Here following are the news.

During the last weeks, information about our projects were published in Aeroplane and Hangar Flying. More are to come including new medias.

We have one new young volunteer, Quentin. He was very quickly put on work on the second Tipsy and on the A-26 lower turret.Nicolas and Philippe worked hard to cover the Storch wings. In a few weeks, Vincent and Nicolas will visit, at their own expenses, France to collect parts to complete the Fieseler. (See day to day pictures) &
Fieseler Storch pictures here


The first Tipsy waiting a date for his inauguration, the team started to work on the Belfair. Jean-Marc is back in the team. See more here

Bruno is manufacturing small (and very boring) parts needed for the installation of the engines of the Dragon.


Eric refurbished and installed the navigator seat in the Mosquito

In a few weeks, the A-26 lower turret was installed on a support and the restored parts were added. We are now waiting gun barrels. The requirement on our side was completed in 1 month. As soon as a date will be planned with the Museum, this part will be displayed near the completed A-26.

The Museum is refreshing the Antarctic display.

Last year, Pierre published a small booklet (45 pages more than 90 illustrations) about the Belgian Pionneer Eugene-Edouard Debongnie. We have a few ones. If someone want a copy, please contact us. We will send you at cost.  


As we had still free time, we completed the covering of the B-25 airframe (See more here) with a primer following the sand blasting operations. 

In the last weeks, we experienced some problems with our coppermine gallery which fully rebuild with more than 1000 pictures, please enjoy at Bahl page http://www.bamfbamrs.be/Bahl/

Eric discovered new comicstrip books published by Zephir, see more on our Comic Strip Section.


The airshow season is almost there. Here following, you will first interesting dates. 


In April, the "a B-25 back to Belgium" will be present at an exhibition in St Ghislain 

about the bombings of this town. 

Many happy landings


The  2nd Tactical Air Force Medium Bombers Association Newsletter page is updated. The back issues of February, May and August are now available on the website of the bamf at http://www.bamf.be/Dispersals/ 


Many happy landings

 Current & Future Events


  SZB909 des bombes sur St Ghislain
24/04 to 02/05/2010
Click on the image for details
A B-25 back to Belgium display


  Stampe Flyin 15-16/05/2010



Wissant / Audembert Spectacle Aérien le 18 et 19 septembre 2010.


par l'Association de la Mémoire de la Bataille d'Angleterre sur la Côte d'Opale.


To join us, see

  Bamf Bamrs Pictures gallery

Bahl Coppermine gallery



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