Saturday August 25th

Voisin de Caters (Pierre, Tom, Bruno, Theo)
  • Start assembling the second lower wing
  • Repair the rear undercarriage
  • Visit Jacques Herlant about the painting
Tipsy (Vincent)
  • Prepare the covering of the wings
Mosquito (Eric)
  • Working on (clean, repair, prepare painting) instruments
Belgian in the RAF and the SAAF
  • Visit of Didier Waelkens
  • Visit ofPhilippe De Man about Philippart

Aviatik racer

  • bracing (front)
A B-25 Back in Belgium
  • Eric negotiate to obtain instruments
  • Nicolas prepare visit to New ICC for rear fuselage cleaning


  • Preparing remote control display pc
  • maybe a new volunteer
  • Received pictures from Francis to prepare slideshow

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