Saturday September 1st

Voisin de Caters (Pierre, René, Bruno, Theo)
  • Start assembling the second lower wing
  • Repair the rear undercarriage
  • Visit Alex Peelaerts
Tipsy (Vincent)
  • cover the belly of the fuselage
Mosquito (Eric)
  • Working on the electric system, clean, repair, painting
Belgian in the RAF and the SAAF
  • First PC converted to XP Pro by Jacques
  • Visit Philippe De Man, Marc Artiges
  • Marc obtained from Walter Verstraeten a copy of the de Cannart album
Aviatik racer
  • bracing (rear)
A B-25 Back in Belgium
  • Eric obtained the instruments (in perfect state)
  • Nicolas prepare the visit to New ICC for rear fuselage cleaning (planned on Sunday)
De Havilland Dragon Rapide
  • Nicolas goes ahead with the covering of the wings
  • Bruno, Théo and Claude working on the second main spar
Bleriot XI Olieslagers
  • Visit Alex peelaerts, Gerard explain the Olieslagers saga
  • Gerard still fixing undercarriage bugs
Web Others
  • Preparing remote control display pc
  • maybe a new volunteer
  • Nicolas check the pictures of Francis for the slideshow and take contact with him.
  • Contacts with Pascal and Charles about aluminium plates for the B-25, the Battle and the A-26.
  • Contact with Charles, Olivier and Alex about the Farfouille album
  • Program of Luc for the evening ready
  • de Caters file of Pierre Cryns scanned
  • working on the Argus engines presentation.
  • Visit of André Fillée with two friends.

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