December 2007

Voisin de Caters (Pictures gallery) (Project page)

  • The tank is completed, Pierre is still working on attachments.
  • Pierre visited ateliers Poncelet to prepare the tail rigging and worked on the final drawings for the radiator and the tail.
  • Bruno, René and working on masts supports.
  • Meeting with the head of the Section about the date the aircraft must be ready.
  • Maximum effort from everyone to be ready in time.
  • Many contacts outside the Museum to find a radiator, linen to cover the wings, tail wheels and paint.
  • Nicolas search on the net to find the exact nature of the paint on the Voisin. Eureka ! This is emailite : a clear dope yellow pigmented.

Dragon Rapide (Pictures gallery) (Project page)

  • Marc, Claude, Bruno et Jean-Marc and Laurent working on the central wing sections.
  • Nicolas working on the covering of the wings, finished at the end of the month.
  • Nicolas started to work on the cockpit windows, the instrument panel and the electric installation.

Tipsy (Pictures gallery) (Project page)

  • Fuselage and wing assembled.
  • Vincent worked on small parts for the undercarriage.

Mosquito (Pictures gallery) (Project page)

  • Eric at works in the cockpit battling with instruments and electric cabling.
  • Request to have the second stick back from Vissenaken to repair the Mosquito stick with the help of Luc.

A-26 (Pictures gallery) (Project page)

  • Visit to David and Pascal workshop, one wingtip almost ready.
  • The work on the second engine goes ahead

Storch (Project page)

  • Check between Pascal and Nicolas for the missing wing panels modifications. Pascal will adapt theses panel to the wings.

Pissoort (Pictures gallery)

  • Vincent repaired small blushes on the engine mounting.
  • The aircraft had been cleaned and assembled by the Museum peoples.
  • The aircraft will be used for shows. We are looking for a suitable engine.

B-25 (Picture gallery) (Project page)

  • The “blacksheep” team was back to Lokeren to install the aircraft on mountings. They were still working on disassembling parts before anti corrosion process.
  • Eric negotiated a good deal to obtain 14 instruments.

Tipsy Nipper

  • The restored wing of the other Nipper, heavily damaged for static tests, is back from Vincent workshop, repaired and restored. This wing will be used in the didactic space under construction by André Filée.


  • Thanks to Etienne, we had the possibility to work on Christmas & New year week end (Yes, we like to work)
  • The presentation panel for the Aviatic scale model was written, checked with the Museum and printed.
  • Projects with Luc for future panels.
  • The André Dillien lists were published. (see here)
  • Jacques battling with hundred of wishes cards for the sponsors.
  • A lot of contacts for future actions around the B-25.
  • We are starting to work on the new bamf website.
  • Decision to integrate Paypal in the new http://www.bamf.be/
  • Preparing update on Belgians in RAF and SAAF in 1940-1945
  • Received a huge lot of services notes.
  • Nicolas scanning Mosquito TIII and Piaggio Manual from Eric and Didier : A lot of fun !
  • Bahl48 published including more than 100 pictures from Philippe Levecq (see catalogues here).
  • Visit to Guy Englebert home to help him about d’Otreppe glider restoration.
  • Pictures of the first Halberstadt wing published (pictures)
  • Bamm index updated. (see here)
Visit us at Barms site www.bamf.be www.bamfbamrs.be Belgians in RAF and SAAF in 1940-1945

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