January 2008

Restoration coordination meeting

Voisin de Caters (Pictures gallery) (Project page)

  • The tail wood elements are delivered and under assembly.

  • Pierre visited ateliers Poncelet to prepare the wing covering

  • Pierre finished the final drawings for the radiator.

  • Bruno, RenĂ© and Marcel working on masts supports.

  • Meeting with the head of the Section to assess the date the aircraft must be ready.

  • Maximum effort from everyone to be ready in time.

  • Radiator parts found and delivered

  • Final drawings ready for the radiator

  • On search for linen to cover the wings, tail wheels and paint.

  • A flight simulator of the Voisin de caters under development

  • Contact with a team working on a Euler project in Germany.

Dragon Rapide (Pictures gallery) (Project page)

  • Marc, Claude, Bruno et Jean-Marc and Laurent working on the central wing sections.

  • Wings covered and moved for store outside the workshop.

  • Nicolas repairing problems with cockpit transparencies.

  • Nicolas working on the instrument panel and the electric installation.

Tipsy (Pictures gallery) (Project page)

  • Wings made ready for covering as soon as exterior temperature will permit it..

Mosquito (Pictures gallery) (Project page)

  • The Mosquito is back on the ground by the Museum and air component personal. Eric acted as consultant.

  • Original wheel axles reinstalled.

  • Eric search and find exhausts for the Merlins.

  • Second stick to be searched in Vissenaken

A-26 (Pictures gallery) (Project page)

  • The work on the second engine goes continues.

Tipsy Nipper

  • Vincent worked to prepare the display of the fuselage.

Bleriot Olieslagers

  • Authorization to move the Gnome monosoupape engine near the undercarriage location.

Renard R-31

  • Alain, Alain and Ferhat working on the fuselage.

  • Alain D working on the tailskid and undercarriage attachments


Belgians in RAF and SAAF 1940-1945

  • Regular updates on Belgians in RAF and SAAF in 1940-1945 since Serge is back

  • Contacts with Michel de Norman

  • 100 photos + logbook of Charles Moncheur, Air Gunner with 320 Squadron.

  • Special page for the death of Cheval

Visit us at Barms site http://www.bamf.be/ http://www.bamfbamrs.be/ Belgians in RAF and SAAF in 1940-1945

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