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The  2nd Tactical Air Force Medium Bombers Association Newsletter page is updated. The back issues of 2009 and 2010 including the May 2010 issues are now available on the website of the bamf at http://www.bamf.be/Dispersals/ 

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l’Extraordinaire Odyssée
du Ier Corps d’Autos
BELGIQUE – RUSSIE 1914 -1918
samedi 05 juin 2010 à 14.00 h.

Wissant / Audembert Spectacle Aérien le 18 et 19 septembre 2010.

 par l'Association de la Mémoire de la Bataile d'Angleterre sur la Côte d'Opale

June, 4th, 2010,                                                                   

Faster that Flypast ?

During 7 weeks we cannot access the workshop. Now, we are back. This forced inactivity was not lost as a lot a backstage tasks were performed and much many contacts established.

Amongst the gems received during this period, Marco send us pictures of a very rare Romeo Ro 37 in transit from the UK to Spain. Again the proof nothing is impossible if you have the right stuff, in the air or doing obscure and sometime boring restoration activities. The only secret is to stay open minded and determined.

Didier also send us delightful pictures of his Chipmunk in flight with Stefaan at the control (do not forget Didier offer a flight in this aircraft for any significant gift for the B-25 project see http://www.bamf.be/?A_B-25_Back_to_Belgium .


The Museum received the Mirage F1C (c/n 100) gift of the French Ministry of Defense. This fine aircraft in desert camouflage was directly delivered to the reserve.    

Back to Bussiness

 Michele and Eric installed the pitot tube on the Mosquito. The experience of Michele as an electrician was a plus to connect the cables. Bruno helped to modify a trestle for the rear wheel. This equipment was manufactured many months ago but the dimensions were wrong. Bruno adapted the support and Michele & Eric installed it. The wheel which was in danger to be damaged is now preserved.

Nicolas and Philippe are going ahead with the covering of the wings of the Storch. During our “holydays” Nicolas and Vincent went to France, at their own expenses to take delivery of parts missing for these wings.

 Both Marc (Lor… & Low… 2 for the price of 1 J ) and Vincent assembled the fuselage and the wings of the Tipsy Belfair for repairs. Both Marcs are also very busy trying to save & preserve the damaged wing of damaged Tipsy.

We are still waiting 2 machine guns to complete the A-26 turret.

 Ferhat recruited a new volunteer to help him on the Renard R-31. Let’s pray he will stay. Pierre will now work at the Ateliers Poncelet to cover the wings of the replica of the R-31.

Il Maestro found trailers to install the fuselage of the B-25. He will now work to modify theses parts.

Olivier visited us to work with Pierre on the biography of de Monge and André received Mr Nieuwenhuys and his granddaughter. Mr Nieuwenhuys flow Mosquitoes and B-25’s as a navigator with the RAF during the World War 2.


  The renowned Classic Wings newspaper (NZ) published an article about our restorations. Good show Nicolas and another good connection.  


There are so much new pictures to about our activities, we invite you to visit our pictures galleries at http://www.bamf.be/?Our_picture_Gallery to be part of the move. 


We also added a lot of links to videos at http://www.bamf.be/?Video with focus on Sabena helicopters and the Piasecki H-21 Workhorse/Shawnee as the Defense is currently in search of a H-21 lost many years ago in Congo with a Belgian crew.


Thanksto those who already answered the query about the Bobcat OO-TIN

A book abou t the Renard R36 is in the tube. We hope to have more in fo rmation next week.  





Many happy landings.


Since Many years, Daniel Brackx (www.baha.be) works on the fascinating history of the German aircraft delivered to Belgium after WW1. Some of these aircraft were captured but many others were delivered directly from the factories in reparation paid according to the Versailles treaty of 1919. Until now, Daniel identified 400 aircraft. He is searching any information which can help to complement this unknown part of our aviation history. If you can help, please do not hesitate to contact Daniel at brackda@gmail.com.

Daniel is also looking for the serial number of the Spad XIII found many year ago at the Université du Travail in Charleroi and exchanged with the Bourget Air Museum.

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