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The 2nd Tactical Air Force Medium Bombers Association Newsletter page is updated. The back issues of 2009 and 2010 including the May 2010 issues are now available on the website of the bamf at http://www.bamf.be/Dispersals/

Coming soon

A book about the Renard R36 is in the tube. We hope to have more information next week.

Wissant / Audembert Spectacle Aérien le 18 et 19 septembre 2010.

par l'Association de la Mémoire de la Bataile d'Angleterre sur la Côte d'Opale

June, 15th, 2010,

Another Mitchell boy is gone.

On June 11th, Edouard Goossens left us for his last flight. Thanks to André bar, we discovered the history of this airman a few months ago. Mr Goossens published a book about his evasion from Belgium and his odyssey in Miranda. (Information and illustration André Bar)

We will not forget him. (Information and illustration André Bar)

Bamf.be : Important notice (Fiscal deduction, FAQ)

A few weeks ago we received a document who concludes a long process to renew the fiscal deduction for donations.

Our organization succeed in answering the questions of 3 different ministries and ensure our donators the gift they made, make and will make strictly respect the legislation and is 100% dedicated to our targets.

All donations above 30,00 Euro made by belgian residents to BAMF are tax-deductible.

This privilege (BAMF is, to the best of our knowledge, the only air-minded organisation benefiting from this status) has recently been renewed and is valid until further renewal, in 2013.

Donations certificates for the year 2009 are gone with the post, they should be in your hands.

We herewith take the opportunity to thank our donators for their confidence in our actions. Be sure our motivation and dedication is intact in going ahead with our targets whatever are the gremlins we meet.

The information are available at http://www.bamf.be/?Fiscal_Deduction

In the past our actions were sometime subject to misunderstandings. To clarify some points, we invite you to visit and read our Frequent asked questions

Last but not least to answer some queries, the list of our board of directors is also now available on the website.

A last word on our internet activities to thanks our monthly. 3000+ visitors. They were 3000 last month but some months, there were 8000 visitors from everywhere in the world who visited our (your) website. We are not yet reaching the number of visitors of long established and renowned internet site but with a rate of growth of 11% we are on the right track. These figures are not taking in account the websites we are hosting and supporting (Dispersals, bahl, André Dillien lists...).

Special Sales at De Krijger June 27th

The publications from De Krijger were during years one of the most important source of information about Belgian military history. The shop of Koen and his wife was the regular meeting point for many of us and De Krijger was the publisher of some of the finest Belgian authors still active today. Koen left us a few years ago. If you want to visit De Krijger maybe for the last time a special sale is organized on Sunday, June 27th, 2010, Boekhandel De Krijger in Erpe Mere opens its doors for (probably) the last time. Opening times : 14h-17h Dorpsstraat 144 9420 ERPE ( Erpe-Mere ) België

This is your last chance to find the book your are looking for. 30% reductions will be given. (thanks for the information Dirk ASA Antwerpen)

Trips & pictures

Visits to Berlin. Last week Vincent visited Berlin. He shared us pictures taken at the Technikmuseum and the ILA airshow. Berlin can seem a distant destination but photos will show you that the journey is worth it.

Belgian French Stampe meeting : A Belgian French meeting of Stampe SV4 was organized on the base of Cazaux ( France), where the future pilots of the Armée de l’Air and Composair are trained. SV4’s from the Stampe Centre of Antwerp were present. Information thanks to Guy Gudenkauf.

Réunion franco-belge Stampe à Cazaux
Jun 3, 2010 by Bruno (Thanks Guy Gudenkauf)
Vincent Jacobs Berlin ILA 6-2010
Berlin, Germany -Jun 11, 2010
Pictures taken by Vincent during his visit to ILA
Vincent Jacobs TechnikMuseum Berlin 6-2010
Jun 9, 2010
Pictures taken during his visit to the TechnikMuseum in Berlin (Germany) 06/2010


The Imperial War Museum in London house treasures. For the B-25 project we acquired films (for private use only) relating to the Mitchell including films on B-25 ‘s filmed in Brussels. The services of the Museum are highly professional. The queries are replied within a few hours. Here following is a link to the B-25 films available at this institution.See also http://collections.iwm.org.uk/

Website update

A new update of the lists of André have been just uploaded. 35 files updates more than 2800 pages about the Belgian civil registers, list of Belgian pilots and much more. Visit the lists at André Dillien lists


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Many happy landings.


Since Many years, Daniel Brackx (www.baha.be) works on the fascinating history of the German aircraft delivered to Belgium after WW1. Some of these aircraft were captured but many others were delivered directly from the factories in reparation paid according to the Versailles treaty of 1919. Until now, Daniel identified 400 aircraft. He is searching any information which can help to complement this unknown part of our aviation history. If you can help, please do not hesitate to contact Daniel at brackda@gmail.com.

Daniel is also looking for the serial number of the Spad XIII found many year ago at the Université du Travail in Charleroi and exchanged with the Bourget Air Museum.

Do not hesitate to forward and share theses news with anyone who could be interested. You are always welcome to share news or links with us, just drop us a mail at airminded@bamf.be To join our mailing list, just send a mail to airminded@bamf.be.

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