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Wissant / Audembert Spectacle Aérien le 18 et 19 septembre 2010.

 par l'Association de la Mémoire de la Bataile d'Angleterre sur la Côte d'Opale

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August, 10th,2010,                                                                   

The work on the Fieseler Storch wings is going ahead.

The first wing is almost completed and Nicolas & Philippe are progressing fast on the second one.

They take profit of the hot temperature to apply linen.

Bruno and "il Maestro" Michele manufactured and installed stands to preserves the tyres of the Storch. Unfortunately, general lack of care already results in damage to one of the tyre of the Fieseler. Bruno and Michele are now working on another set of stand for the KZ III as the tyres of this airplane are also in great danger.

Pictures, Video and links

_The progresses on the Storch are the subject of some pictures as well as pictures taken by Robert during activities on the Renard R-31 Wings. Willy Henderickx offered us pictures of the Storch ex OO-STO. From René Vanderit, we received pictures of the presentation of the first Lysander of the SOT many years ago in Grimbergen and Eric took pictures of FU-51 and FR20 who left Temploux.


Our Video section also include 2 new video about the Storch

Last but not least if you want to send a electronic postcard depicting the Storch you can now it.

David send us the last issue of Dispersals who is now online for your pleasure and ours.

Many of us (much more peoples worldwide) know Erik Moombeck, one of the best specialists of the Luftwaffe. Erik published a new nice book about colours of the German aircraft see our home page for the link 

Our comic strip section include 2 links to the site. of Willy Peeters & Mehdi Schneider

Many happy landings.

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