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September, 1st, 2010

28&29/08 - Flying flea Fly in in Cerfontaine pictures.

On August 29 & 29th, the RSAB organized the first Flying Flea Fly in in Cerfontaines. Although by evidence the Belgian climate has something against the Flying Flea, there were some interesting aircraft in Cerfontaine and certainly a excellent spirit amongst the participants and the public. We hope this event again next year (after a negotiation with the persons in charge of the weather in this country. See more on our picture gallery

Holydays ?

During the holydays, the restorations did not stop. Bruno manufactured supports for the wheels of the KZ III in much less time that the incredible time needed to fill a study about these parts. The 2 Marc are now well busy with the fuselage of the Tipsy Belfair and Vincent is performing the last operations on the Tipsy Trainer.  Philippe & Nicolas are completing the wings of the Storch. The wings of the Renard R-31 replica were delivered. See all our activities in pictures at our picture gallery.

Links & comics

We added links to some interesting sites.

Pierre Cryns is busy to write the biography of Louis de Monge who worked on numerous aircraft including the Bugatti racer. We added a link to the Bugatti aircraf Association who collaborate with Pierre.

Another link in Comic Strips section about an album featuring the Bugatti Racer.

We got in contact with Ray from http://www.fi-156.sk/english.htm who is working to build a replica of the Fieseler Storch from orginal drawings.

Some of us are volunteers not only with the BAMRS. Eric is helping the Musée du souvenir de Haut Wastia who commemorate the combats on the Meuse in Mai 1940 including the air combats (see our links section).

See http://www.bamf.be/?Links and http://www.bamf.be/?Comic-strips

Help !

In October Vincent will join the Raid Latecoere. http://www.raid-latecoere.org/ whose one of the targets is help schools in Africa. Vincent is actively seeking sponsors. If you can help do not hesitate.

See more on http://o.rancourt.free.fr/Proposition%20de%20sponsoring.pdf 

Luc Liévin (luc.mlu@hotmail.com)  is seeking pictures of the Mirage F1C N° 100. This is this aircraft who was delivered to the Museum reserves a few weeks ago.


The next Airliner convention will take place on October 16th in Zaventem , please find here below the announcement from the organizers.

Dear Aviation Enthusiasts,

You will be happy to read that the BRUCONVENTION 2010 is fully confirmed !

It will take place on Saturday 16th October in the usual school in Zaventem (Atheneum Zaventem-Kortenberg, Spoorwegstraat 1, Zaventem) from 09 am until 5 pm.

The BRUCONVENTION is the place where you can fin everything you need for your favorite hobby : photos, postcards, aircraft models, books, safety cards, posters and other aviation memorabilias. Prices are always very competitive and you will meet collectors from other European countries.

Please note that the website BRUCONVENTION.BE won't be updated anymore and will disappear soon. It will be replaced by a new one next year. Home adres and bank account indicated on the website aren't valid anymore. If you wish to ask a question or make a reservation, do it by email (bruconvention@hotmail.com)

I hope to see you all on Saturday 16th October to share our common passion for aviation. Please pass on this message to your friends. It's important to keep the convention alive !

Olivier Lamoral mobile +32 478 422 804


In our video section, you will find 4 New videos, 1 on the B-25 and 3 vintage films about the CF-100


One of our airmen is missing

We learned this Monday August 30th, morning the decease of Regis Decobeck, another great aviation historian of our country. In the years 1980’s, Regis was behind “Carnets de vol” one of the last aviation newspapers published in this country.

Thanks to Eric, Vincent, Pierre, Olivier, Philippe, Luc for their information.

You are welcome every Saturday to visit our workshop. Hoping to see you soon

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Airliner Convention Zaventem 16/10/2010

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