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European WW1 Survey

Posted: 28 Jun 2011 11:08 AM PDT

Info thx to Pierre,

In the coming years, WW1 will be the big subject in Aviation History with the 100th anniversary of the start of this conflict who changed the face of the World and permitted incredible progresses in Aviation

European is an European initiative regrouping some of the greatest libraries of our continents.
In Belgium, amongst others, the Royal Library is member of Europeana
One of their projects is to digitalize documents about WW1.Aviation. Europeana is now lauching a survey to know what are the needs and interests of their users about WW1.

More information about the project and the Survey hereafter.

On the site of the Royal Library :

World War One in pictures, letters and memories

The First World War in everyday documents (Erster Weltkrieg in Alltagsdokumenten) is now collecting material in Germany or with a German connection.
Do you have pictures, letters, postcards, souvenirs or other items from 1914-1918 relating to Germany or German people? Do you have a story or anecdote to tell about those involved or affected? Please add it to the online archive so the world can see it.
Because of the overwhelming public response, four further roadshow events have been organised: 


Europeana 1914-1918


For this project a questionnaire was prepared to consider the wishes and requirements of future users in the selection of materials and sources and the development of functionalities. The survey is intended not only to scientists but to all persons interested in the history of World War I. We invite you to fill this questionnaire (about 15 min.) to support the development of a comprehensive digital collection of First World War in the next few years.

More at http://ww2.unipark.de/uc/europeana19141918/ospe.php3?SES=ec8df5b29d378dbc86462c2539893585&syid=29666&sid=29667&act=start&js=16&flash=1003

Crash B-25 98e squadron RAF. Malburgse Bandijk near the John Frostbridge Arnhem. Eng. version."

Posted: 27 Jun 2011 01:14 PM PDT

More about the Crash B-25 98e squadron RAF. Malburgse Bandijk

YouTube  |  | 

We are searching for the descendants of;

1. Thomas Lennie Australië. Son of Thomas and Chrissie Lennie, of Maryborough, Queensland Australië.
2. Charles Bindon Carter UK. Husband of Helena Herdman Carter, of Belfast.
3. Frank Bowmaster Canada.

This commemoration took place 30-10-2010 on the crashlocation of a B-25 Mitchell from the 98th Britsh squadron R.A.F. Malburgse Bandijk Arnhem near the John Frostbridge at Arnhem.
It was the first remembranche since 1944.

We shall remember those men with a monument./ plaquette.
This shall be unveiled on the 25th June 2011!!

© 2011 YouTube, LLC
901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066

Memorial B25 Mitchell RAF 98 Squadron : Malburgse Bandijk (NL)

Posted: 27 Jun 2011 12:46 PM PDT

Thx to Gerben for the information
On the 25th of september 1944 Mitchells of RAF 98 squadron and Dutch 320 squadron bombed German Flak positions at Schaarsbergen. The local church was also damaged during this raid. On the return flight German fighters attacked and shot down one of the Mitchells of 98 squadron. It crashed at the Malburge bandijk, approximately 700 meters from the road bridge over the Rhine. Three crew members were killed. Two Australians: Thomas Lennie and Bruce Williams and the Brit Charles Carter. Carter is still missing. The fourth crew member, the Canadian Frank Browmaster, survived. Bruce Williams first escaped from the aircraft, but he was shot dead by a German soldier while descending with his parachute. Williams was buried by Kees Baars.

Memorial B25 Mitchell RAF 98 Squadron

TV Show : RTBF 1 28/06/2011 Kamikazes

Posted: 27 Jun 2011 12:10 PM PDT

Thx Pierre & Emile for the information

22:10 - Mardi 28 Juin



  • Durée: 01:21
  • Genre: Doc Histoire

Printemps 1945. La guerre du Pacifique fait rage. Les Japonais sont au bord de la défaite. Les Américains contrôlent l'espace aérien et ont rassemblé des moyens d'invasion maritime considérables. L'armée impériale décide de demander à ses soldats le sacrifice ultime. Combinant archives, reconstitutions et interviews de pilotes survivants ou des familles des pilotes décédés, ce film raconte comment lors de la Bataille d'Okinawa, des milliers de soldats japonais se sont trouvés enrôlés dans cette attaque kamikaze. Il révèle comment la hiérarchie militaire, la situation désespérée du Japon et la fierté nationale se sont conjuguées pour conduire à pareille extrémité. Des archives américaines en couleur des commandos-suicide et des témoignages de marins anglais et américains attestent de la terreur

Signing Event : RAF Waddington International Airshow - Saturday 2nd July 2011 : Fighting High News June 2011

Posted: 27 Jun 2011 12:08 PM PDT

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From: Fighting High Ltd
Date: Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 5:52 AM
Subject: Fighting High News June 2011
To: Fighting High Ltd <fightinghighltd@btinternet.com>

Fighting High Publishing News - June 2011

Bomber Command Veteran Signing Event
RAF Waddington International Airshow - Saturday 2nd July 2011

The Aviation Bookshop will be hosting a Fighting High book signing event at the RAF Waddington airshow on Saturday 2nd July. The following veterans have confirmed their attendance.
Warrant Officer Harry Irons DFC - 9 and 158 Squadron Lancaster and Halifax air gunner - 60 operations
Warrant Officer Jack Linaker - 9 Squadron Lancaster air gunner - 18 operations
Warrant Officer Ken Johnson - 9 Squadron Lancaster air gunner - 44 operations
Warrant Officer Colin Cole - 617 Squadron Lancaster wireless operator who flew on the final and successful operation against the Tirpitz on 12 November 1944
(I'm sure there will, once more, be a lively debate about who actually sunk the Tirpitz)

We will also be joined by author Laurence Green who will be signing copies of  Great War to Great Escape, the story of air gunner and prisoner of war Great Escaper Bernard 'Pop' Green.

Many of our books will be greatly reduced in price at this event in order to promote on the day donations to the Bomber Command Memorial Fund.

Great War to Great Escape Special Edition and Review

Great War to Great Escape Review - Model Aircraft magazine – June
'When you start to read this I think you will find in hard to put down.' '… this is the real story, not the Hollywood version.'

It is still possible to buy special editions of Great War to Great Escape, which include a Fighting High bookplate signed by 11 Bomber Command veterans who were either POWs or air gunners, or both (as per the subject of the book) - see http://www.fightinghigh.com/greatescapespecialedition.htm

In addition we have a few copies signed by two Bomber Command veterans. These are available at no extra cost (i.e £17.99).
Flight Sergeant Doug Fry (air gunner and prisoner of war). Doug, served as an air gunner in a No. 15 Squadron Stirling, and was shot down on the night of 30/31 July 1943. Doug, who was injured, was captured and saw out the war as a POW at StalagLuft's IV and VI.
Warrant Officer Harry Irons DFC (air gunner). Harry completed the extraordinary total of 60 bombing operations with RAF Bomber Command; with No. 9 Squadron on Lancasters and then on No. 158 Squadron on Halifaxes.  

Portraits of the Few Special Edition and Review

The Battle of Britain: Portraits of the Few Review - Model Aircraft magazine – June
'… it felt that I was looking at real people, not just names in a book …'
'If this period interests you at all, then you will want this volume.'
We still have a few copies left of the special edition of Chris Yeoman and David Pritchard's The Battle of Britain: Portraits of the Few – signed by:

Flt/Lt William Green 501 Sqn.
Sqn/Ldr William Walker 616 Sqn
Wg/Cdr Peter Ayerst 73 Sqn
Wg/Cdr Bob Foster 605 Sqn
Sqn/Ldr Geoffrey Wellum 92 Sqn
Sqn/Ldr Tony Pickering 501 Sqn
Wg/Cdr Tom Neil 249 Sqn
Sqn/Ldr Nigel Rose 602 Sqn
Chris Yeoman - author
David Pritchard – illustrator

We do also have some copies signed by author Chris Yeoman and illustrator David Pritchard (at the normal price of £21.99)

Bomber Command: Failed to Return
Bomber Command: Failed to Return is now at the printers – and, if we may say so ourselves, looking great. Discussions are ongoing with regard some kind of launch event – watch this space.

Other Signed Books Available
Five of the Few - survivors of the Battle of Britain and the Blitz tell their story (published by Grub Street) signed by one of the five, Squadron Leader Tony Pickering, and author Steve Darlow (£20)
On Wings of Fortune with a bookplate signed by authors Wing Commander Richard Pinkham DFC and Steve Darlow (£17.99)
Fighting High Volume 1 with a bookplate signed by three featured veterans and a further 18 veterans signatures in the book. (£60)
Fighting High Volume 2 with a bookplate signed by three featured veterans and a further 9 veterans signatures in the book. (£40)
Five of the Many - survivors of the Bomber Command offensive for the Battle of Britain to victory tell their story (published by Grub Street) signed by author Steve Darlow and one of the featured five, Flight Lieutenant Harry Hughes, DFC, DFM, AE (£20)
Five of the Many (published by Grub Street) signed by author Steve Darlow, one of the featured five, Flight Lieutenant Harry Hughes, DFC, DFM, AE, and by Flight Lieutenant Ted Stocker DSO DFC and a further 9 Bomber Command veterans (£35)
Sledgehammers for Tintacks - Bomber Command combats the V1 menace (published by Grub Street) signed by author Steve Darlow and a further 9 Bomber Command veterans (£25)
Please contact us for details and to check availability.

With our best regards

Steve Darlow
Managing Director
Tel. 01462 734732
Out Now: Great War to Great Escape - the thrilling story of Great Escaper F/Lt Bernard Green MC
The Battle of Britain - Portraits of the Few
Coming soon: Bomber Command: Failed to Return

If you would like to be removed from our distribution lists, please email fightinghighltd@btinternet.com with the subject 'Unsubscribe'.


FlyingZone.be update

Posted: 27 Jun 2011 12:05 PM PDT

Thx to Serge for the update

 - 20 Juin 2011 : Reportage : Stampe for ever...
                          Stampe Fly In 2011.
 - 20 Juin 2011 : Galeries : Stampe Fly In.
                          Des photos supplémentaires.
 - 20 Juin 2011 : Reportage : Tiger Meet 2011.
                          50 ans de Tiger Meet et dernière visite à Cambrai.
 - 20 Juin 2011 : Galeries : Tiger attitude.
                          Au Tiger Meet, il n'y a pas que des avions.
 - 20 Juin 2011 : Reportage : SOLAR IMPULSE – L'avion solaire.
                          Présentation du Solar Impulse.
 - 20 Juin 2011 : Galeries : KB night photoshoot.
                          2 F-16 au crépuscule.
 - 20 Juin 2011 : Histoire : 65 ans de FAé : Ravitaillement en vol.
                          Ravitaillement d'un F-16 au dessus de Beauvechain.
 - 20 Juin 2011 : Galeries : De nouvelles photos en provenance de Liège.
                          Des nouvelles de Jean-Marie.
 - 20 Juin 2011 : Reportage : Dirigeable à Grimbergen.
                          Le dirigeable Goodyear de passage en Belgique.
 - 20 Juin 2011 : Reportage : Fête Aérienne à Saint-Hubert, 8 et 9 mai.
                          Reportage sur la fête aérienne et l'aéroport.

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