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In 1994, some of us talked about a way to help Belgian aviation enthusiasts to exchange information and experience. In a few months, thanks to some individuals the organization was setup. Many of us were and are still major actors in all the area of our passion. Our spirit stays the same: share information about Belgian aviation history whatever is the language, the culture, the race, the country in a non profit and win-win philosophy. You are welcome Many happy landings


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Mustang crashed during Duxford aishow.

** Fighter planes collide at air show **

An inquiry has begun after two classic US fighter planes collided during an air display show in Cambridgeshire.
< http://www.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/news/uk-england-14110542 >



Sunday, 10 July 2011

Event : Aero-Kiewit Historic Days : A magical step back in time Kiewit 27 & 28/08/2011


On this August 27th and 28th, Aero-Kiewit will be holding its "Historic Days". It'll be a magical step back in time, a unique opportunity to admire vintage airplanes, cars and motorcycles, taking you back to the early days of flight, in the authentic environment at the "Oldest airfield in Belgium".
On these Historic Days the special "Jules de Laminne Event" will take place, allowing you to experience some of the most unique historic cars and motorcycles – all captured in the fascinating atmosphere of the 1900s to 1960s with many of the participants dressed in the nostalgic garments of those flourishing years. 
These Historic Days will offer visitors a brief escape from our modern and hectic times to submerge them in the pioneering mood of early transportation vehicles with their loud and smoking explosion engines. 

What is it?

The Historic Days are going to turn the airfield of Aero-Kiewit into a time tunnel with many different types
of historic and modern aircraft and gliders.
We'll discover airplanes from the dawning times of aviation up to the buzzing times of today.
Also the evolution of the modern ULM (Ultra Lights) will be presented on a dedicated parking space.
All this in the nostalgic atmosphere at the Oldest Airfield in the country.

The crews of visiting aircraft will receive a free drink and luncheon.

The hangars will be housing a wide choice of flight simulators, indoor flying, depiction of
various technologies/techniques, etc…

Traditionally the Belgian military will be present again and the visitors will be able to
witness their historical link with Kiewit Airfield.
Furthermore, initiation flights in gliders, ULMs, light aircraft and even balloons will be offered
to the public

More at  http://www.historicdays.be/

IWM Duxford - Flying Legend - 09/07/2011

IWM Duxford - Flying Legend - 09/07/2011
de Yves Duwelz Duxford, UK -
In 2011 the Flying Legend airshow was as usual one of the leading event of the season. Thanks to Lucien (http://www.airshowtrips.com), we were at IWM Duxford on 08:00 local time and we can discover the flight line and thehangars before the public was there. This year, the Imperial War Museum put the focus the role of women during WW2 and the reenactment groups recruited a lot of ladies to reflect this policy. The airshow was as excellent as usual with 3 buchons, 3 skyraiders, 2 DC3 and Kestr...

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Vintage Aviator Airshow in New Zealand

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Yves Duwelz

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