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News 23/08/2008

The first link gives you access to the documents page of the site of the group "Belgians in RAF and SAAF 1940-1945". André recently prepared an inventory of all the logbooks already now preserved in digital format. You can find this list under the subtitle "documents".

In the picture chapter, you will find the usual update about the de caters project and a nice serie of pictures taken by Christian Van Canegem depicting the Museum from above. This album also include nice views of the Caravelle.

André Hiernaux is back from Hollydays and some of his new pictures are availlable in his album.

You will also find a new heading "classified"


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List of Logbooks in digital copies


Voisin de Caters
Brussels Air Museum -
Aug 18, 2008 by bamf.bamrs
Pictures about the construction of the replica of the Voisin de Caters You can find more details about this project at http://www.bamfbamrs.be/Bamrs/voisin-en.htm and http://www.bamf.be/
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Last week, we received the radiator fabricated by Pascal and David in the workshop of the Museum.
This part was the cause of some headache as we got in trouble to find a suitable one.
This issue is now solved.
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André Hiernaux Pictures
Brussels Air Museum -
Aug 3, 2008 by bamf.bamrs
André Hiernaux is a Belgian living in Switzerland. During his visits to the Museum, he take pictures of the aircraft or objects displayed. Back home, he transform theses pictures in real pieces of art. We all know the aircraft in the prestigious decor of the Aviation hall. Thanks to André, for the first time, we can discover the aircraft out of their environment. We are happy and proud, André permitted us to share his works.
In July, André visited the Museum and shoot more than 700 pictures.
The first results are the Mirage 5 and the Dragon Rapide. Enjoy !
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ChristianVan.Caenegem : Royal Army Museum Bxl
Aug 20, 2008 by bamf.bamrs
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An unusual view of the Museum including some interesting views of the Caravelle
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Northrop KD2RS

jean claude devester
(devesterjc@euphonynet.be) is looking for information on the use of Target drone KD2RS by the Belgian armed forces for his next book about aircrafts used in Belgium. Jean-Claude already published 2 books about this subject.

See more about the KD2RS at

Seeking information about Louis de San

Peter Ocker (dakarpeter@web.de) is a antic glider collector from Germany. He owns a Weihe D-0700 and a Antonov A15 OK-7906. He researched information about the gliders designed by Hans Jacobs (again a Jacobs .... :-) ).

Peter is seeking information and pictures about the Rhönsperber glider used by Louis de San in China (see more at http://www.vieillestiges.be/node/81 )

A B-25 back in Belgium

We would like to reinforce the B-25 restoration Team.

For this purpose, the bamf is currently contracting insurance for 12 restorers. The restoration activities have already started and will soon enter greater scale operations. Although we are looking for persons with technical knowledge in aircraft restoration, we want also give the opportunity to volunteers to join the project on a benevolent basis.

If you are motivated to work on a WW2 aircraft, please contact Nicolas at nicolas.godfurnon@skynet.be

You can learn more about the project at http://www.bamfbamrs.be/B25/B25-en.htm

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