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News 31/08/2008

This week, you will find more pictures of our projects. The covering of the Voisin fuselage is nearly finished and Gerard is almost ready for the first flight. Pierre started to install the radiator.
Vincent is finishing the covering of the Tipsy and Nicolas is now working on the bottom of the fuselage of the Dragon.
The propeller of the Bleriot scale model is also progressing.
We added a view of the Starfighter with a rocket pod installed. Eric and Luc helped by members of the Davalera group checked the use of this rocket pod on the Belgian Starfighters.

André Hiernaux send us a delightful picture of the Miles Majister plus another picture depicting the Starfighter.
On Youtube we discovered a small movie depicting the flight of the Florine Helicoper.
Vincent send us a link to Fokker
Please note the "a B-25 Back to Belgium" team will be present at the Melsbroek openday on September 14th.
We will be located near the B-25 of our friends of the Duke of Brabant Air Force.

Voisin de Caters
Aug 30, 2008
Pictures about the construction of the replica of the Voisin de Caters You can find more details about this project at http://www.bamfbamrs.be/Bamrs/voisin-en.htm and http://www.bamf.be/
The radiator being installed. Front fuselage covering. The controls installed
Gerard at the control, ready for take off
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Progress at the Museum
Aug 30, 2008
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Scale models under repair
Aug 30, 2008
The Bleriot XI is a flying 1/10th model light damaged during an exhibition. He is now under repair
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DH89 Dragon Rapide
Aug 30, 2008
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André Hiernaux Pictures
Aug 30, 2008
André Hiernaux is a Belgian living in Switzerland. During his visits to the Museum, he take pictures of the aircraft or objects displayed. Back home, he transform theses pictures in real pieces of art. We all know the aircraft in the prestigious decor of the Aviation hall. Thanks to André, for the first time, we can discover the aircraft out of their environment. We are happy and proud, André permitted us to share his works.
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Aug 30, 2008 by bamf.bamrs
Here are some pictures taken during the restoration of the Tipsy
The wings on finishing
Russian born engineer Nicolas Florine built one of the first successful tandem rotor helicopters. The rotors turned in the same direction but were tilted in opposite directions to cancel torque reaction. Boulet (1984) describes the various mechanical aspects of the machine. Florine's first aircraft was destroyed in 1930, but he had a second design flying successfully by 1933, which made a flight of over 9 minutes to an altitude of 15-feet. This exceeded d'Ascanio's modest flight duration record of the time. Yet, Florine's designs suffered many setbacks, and work was discontinued into the pre-World War 2 years. His machines were ultimately destroyed during the war. 4.5
On this site you will learn all about the Fokker-Team-Schorndorf - a group of young men - who devoted themselves to discover the knowledge about German aircraft development up to 1920.
We follow our aim strictly and are trying to research the knowledge about the technics used to construct aircraft of the mentioned field and to also make the results of our work available to anybody interested in. To reach this goal we develop construction drawings for full sized reconstruction aircraft. We also do publish our findings in form of booklets and books. Furthermore we have recently started to collect original data documents such as works drawings, photographs and other documents which are to be put together in our archive which you can find somewhere on this website.
We do kindly invite you here to look around.
Coming Event

The "B-25 back to Belgium" team will be there.


Northrop KD2RS

jean claude devester
(devesterjc@euphonynet.be) is looking for information on the use of Target drone KD2RS by the Belgian armed forces for his next book about aircrafts used in Belgium. Jean-Claude already published 2 books about this subject.

See more about the KD2RS at

Seeking information about Louis de San

Peter Ocker (dakarpeter@web.de) is a antic glider collector from Germany. He owns a Weihe D-0700 and a Antonov A15 OK-7906. He researched information about the gliders designed by Hans Jacobs (again a Jacobs .... :-) ).

Peter is seeking information and pictures about the Rhönsperber glider used by Louis de San in China (see more at http://www.vieillestiges.be/node/81 )

A B-25 back in Belgium

We would like to reinforce the B-25 restoration Team.

For this purpose, the bamf is currently contracting insurance for 12 restorers. The restoration activities have already started and will soon enter greater scale operations. Although we are looking for persons with technical knowledge in aircraft restoration, we want also give the opportunity to unexperienced volunteers to join the project on a benevolent basis.

If you are motivated to work on a WW2 aircraft, please contact Nicolas at nicolas.godfurnon@skynet.be

You can learn more about the project at http://www.bamfbamrs.be/B25/B25-en.htm

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