News 31/01/2009

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News 31/01/2009
Hello World,

New drawings from André Hiernaux. André is preparing new drawings fos us. Some of his first works should be availlable soon from the shop. You will find hereafter links to his works including the first new ones (SR-7 & Sea King).

Our publication page is now up to up to date with the 2 de caters publications.

Bamm 140 pictures published by Jacques see here below.

Renard Epervier by JP Decocq is availlable from the site of the Fonds Renard.
An interesting link found by Nicolas or how to build yourself your aircraft. Some of the techniques can be used for restorations.
Warbids & Girls found by Vincent. Pinups were common during WWII on US aircraft. The tradition is not dead, see more in the link about bombshells found by Vincent 

Hoping to see you soon


Avions construit en Belgique par Jean-Pierre Decocq : The Renard Epervier

Jean-Pierre Decocq published in the past articles about aircraft build in Belgium. Jean-Pierre is now a regular redactor with Hangar flying.  

Thanks to him and the Fonds National Alfred Renard (FNAR), the first of new serie of articles on "Les avions construits en Belgique" are now available here

Aircraft of the Museum by André Hierwaux on the bamf site.

All the drawings of André Hiernaux

Our publications on the bamf site

Bamm 140 pictures
(thanks to Jacques)

About Etablissements Poncelet on Hangar Flying

Bombshells found by Vincent

Construction d'un Stol CH-701 : some interesting techniques usefull to speed up restorations works, found by Nicolas

Rebirth of Imperia : Not an aeronautic site but whynot to dream. After the rebirth of one of the most prestigious Belgian car manufacturers why not to imagine the rebirth of the Stampe or the Renard. Thanks Louis

Air Contact : Read the French webzine and maybe discover the rare aircraft you are looking for

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