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News 15/02/2009

The "Miss" & website updates.


Hello World,


This week, the weather is still very cold and although there are a lot activities this week, this is not much things to be seen.


Eric found a lot of bits and nuts to be added to the Mosquito. With the availlabillity of technical manuals, it is now possible to identify some parts and to prepare these items to be installed.


Michele is still hard working on the Dragon Rapide electrical systems to make it functionnal. Bruno and Marcel installing devices on the main spar.


Vincent is now preparing the engine installation on the Tipsy Trainer. He also rediscovered the seats which will be prepared for future restoration. Marc is busy with cleaning the Tipsy Belfair.


On web sites side, there was a lot of acctivities.


  • The website of André Dillien is now up to date.
  • Thanks to Frank, we discovered Lancaster.lu remembering a Lancaster crash in Luxembourg.
  • The website of the Fonds National Alfred Renard contains 2 new pages where you can discover the Renard R31 replica project and the display.
  • The allways excellent HangarFlying contains an article on "how to have an airplane in your garden".
  • The site of Dominique Timperman about the Belgian Sikorsky's moved, please adapt your link
  • More about Comics attack at dawn at the Museum


André prepared more of his drawings about aircraft of the Museum. Special update next week.

On the Video side, discover 2 forgotten video about the Red Devils and a fantastic document about the Fairey Rotodyne including views of a flight from Brussels.


But the biggest new of the week is the future release of a motion picture about "La Miss" Christiane De Vleminck. She is definitively a living figure in civil aviation in Belgium and we were delighted to meet one of the directors of this film this Saturday.


Hoping to see you soon
Discover the Renard R-31 replica project                             
 André Dillien lists : OO-Registers Belgian aircraft civil register, pilot lists updated 03/10/2008
The lists are now updated at http://www.bamfbamrs.be/Dillien/index.htm
- The lists are sorted alphabetically
- The first file "Index" contain a description of the different lists.
- There is a new list "Museum" about aircraft preserved at the
Brussels Museum.
- The file TARIF-FRAGES contains the list and prices of André printed
To ease your search, you can use the sort by date option
Do not hesitate to contact André for corrections or updates


“ Do forgive but do not forget “: these words are mostly mentioned every time a war memorial is inaugurated to recall one of so many cruel or heroic events during World War 2. The construction of a memorial monument, after exactly sixty years, for fourteen young men, (thirteen of them lost their lives when their two Lancaster bombers were shot down) is a proof that this sentence is not an empty slogan... 

Thanks to Frank



 Jette (Bruxelles), le 31 janvier 2009. Nous voici donc face à un avion dans un (grand) jardin de l’agglomération bruxelloise par une belle journée ensoleillée et particulièrement froide. La propriétaire de cette machine volante, Mirelle Titeca, nous en fait les honneurs.
.... See more


http://www.sikoks.be on the move                             
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Channel Icon
Thanks to Thierry, Didier and Philippe
Channel Icon
Thanks to Thierry, Didier and Philippe                                          
Special for Vincent & Dominique. Maybe the most noisy flying object ever build but once considered for use by the Sabena and the Belgian Air Force. Includes view of a flight from the Brussels Heliport.

Current & Future Events
Flanders Modelling Festival (IPMS Antwerp)    
March 7, 2009

See more here


A l’aube de ses quatre-vingt ans Christiane Devleminck, pilote, monitrice et mécanicienne, continue de transmettre avec autant de joie sa passion de voler...

Surnommée par ses élèves "Miss", elle a formé plus de 10.000 pilotes et reste l'unique femme au monde à avoir plus de 55.000 heures de vol…


Un documentaire réalisé par Nathalie Rossetti d’après une idée de Turi Finocchiaro

Montage image: Sébastien Calvez - Montage son: Marc Bastien - Mixage: Pierre Gillet - Etalonnage : Olpy


le dimanche 8 mars 2009 à 11h

Cinéma Arenberg-galeries 26, Galerie de la Reine à 1000 Bruxelles

La projection sera suivie d’un apéritif

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Aviation Aces 
November 13, 2008  until end of april 2009  
See more at Museum Agenda
De Caters exhibition at the Museum


15.10.2008 - 28.02.2009

In the magical setting of the Royal Museum of the Army, the exhibition shows how many authors have drawn inspiration from history and military techniques.  In visiting the exhibition, the public will go through all the collections of the Museum.  Visitors will discover original and amusing showcases of items of the collections and how they are reflected in the comic strips.  The two dimensions of the comic strip are thus juxtaposed to the real world.
Royal Museum of the Army and of Military History
Parc du Cinquantenaire, 3
1000 Brussels


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