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News 22/02/2009

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A few words about other restoration projects. Many of our visitors come in Brussels to see the WW1 aircraft. We have the luck to house some unique survivors of the first conflict.  


In March 2007, the Museum tasked a team of Museum staff and AELR volunteers to restore the Halberstadt  C.V 3471/18 W/N:1368.


The team headed by David is now completing the restoration of the 4th wings of the aircraft. The metal fittings were found to be well preserved with very few traces of corrosion. The restoration of these wings permitted a study of the fabrics covering the wings. We hope to publish more pictures of this project in the future.


Another gem under restoration is the LVG C VI. The aircraft is under the cares of an AELR volunteers group. A first team started the restoration many years ago but today another team is working on the engine, the fuselage and the wings. This Saturday, one of the wings was uncovered to assess the damages of times.


Mike Lewis who works on both projects published informations about these restorations on his website.

Another interesting project (not at the Museum) is the construction of a Morane Saulnier Parasol at a Flemish school. Have a look in the website updates.


This week, Luc received a pilot’s flight suit thanks to the contacts he established with the French Armée de l’Air. The items were given to the Museum and we hope theses equipments will be soon on show.

Our Sea King is still in the process to be prepared for display. There are a lot of very interesting videos on the net availlable about the Sea King. Have a look at the Videos.


The Belgians in RAF & SAAF 1940-1945 site is updated with the biography of Léon Branders thanks to Philippe.

Received from Louis the address of the French Armée de l'air Orange air base.


André Hiernaux processed 2 pictures of the Tipsies to gives us an idea of the future future look of the Tipsies after restoration.

French Flight suit
Royal Army Museum Air & Space Hall Brussels -
Feb 22, 2009

This week, Luc received a pilot’s flight suit thanks to the contacts he established with the French Armée de l’Air. The items were given to the Museum and we hope theses equipments will be soon on show.

Halberstadt CV C3471/18 Werk Nr.1541
Brussels Army Museum -
Feb 22, 2009
The restoration of the last wing (top right) is nearing completion.

In March 2007, the Museum gave mission to a team composed of Museum staff, AELR members and staff to restore the last extent Halberstadt CV (C3471/18 Werk Nr.1541). It was the first time the Museum officially started a project with a dedicated team and budget for an aircraft restoration at the Museum. Some of the restorers have already worked on the Nieuport 23. In December 2007, the first wing is on display after restoration of the wood and metal parts. You can learn more about this proje...

LVG CVI 4981
Royal Army Museum Brussels -
Feb 22, 2009



Lean Branders Biography updates
The LVG restoration on the website of Mike

A Morane Saulnier Parasol under construction -
A video about the construction of the Morane Saulnier Parasol

VTI bouwt replica vliegtuig Guynemer - Focus-WTV-KW

even ter verduidelijking. tijdens WOI is er hier in de geburen een gekende piloot neergestort.(Guynemer) Vorig jaar zijn ze op de school waar ik les


Thanks to Louis & Special for Luc


30 years Sea King Mk48 in the Belgian Air Force,The Sea King helicopters of the 40th Squadron are the guardian angels, which defy weather and sea, ...

on the 17th of december 2008, the Belgian Armed Forces officially retired the first of 5 Seaking Mk.48 helicopters.the Seaking with serial RS01, st...

Information received from Dédé, Pyker and Didier. This aircraft should be present in Le Bourget this year
Current & Future Events
Flanders Modelling Festival (IPMS Antwerp)    
March 7, 2009

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A l’aube de ses quatre-vingt ans Christiane Devleminck, pilote, monitrice et mécanicienne, continue de transmettre avec autant de joie sa passion de voler...

Surnommée par ses élèves "Miss", elle a formé plus de 10.000 pilotes et reste l'unique femme au monde à avoir plus de 55.000 heures de vol…


Un documentaire réalisé par Nathalie Rossetti d’après une idée de Turi Finocchiaro

Montage image: Sébastien Calvez - Montage son: Marc Bastien - Mixage: Pierre Gillet - Etalonnage : Olpy


le dimanche 8 mars 2009 à 11h

Cinéma Arenberg-galeries 26, Galerie de la Reine à 1000 Bruxelles

La projection sera suivie d’un apéritif

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Stockel 100e anniversaire de l'arrivée du Tram 
May 8th, 9th, 10th 2009 
Bleriot Olieslagers display   
  Aviation Aces 
November 13, 2008  until end of april 2009  
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De Caters exhibition at the Museum

15.10.2008 - 28.02.2009

In the magical setting of the Royal Museum of the Army, the exhibition shows how many authors have drawn inspiration from history and military techniques.  In visiting the exhibition, the public will go through all the collections of the Museum.  Visitors will discover original and amusing showcases of items of the collections and how they are reflected in the comic strips.  The two dimensions of the comic strip are thus juxtaposed to the real world.
Royal Museum of the Army and of Military History
Parc du Cinquantenaire, 3
1000 Brussels


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