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News 28/03/2009

This Saturday the engine of the Tipsy trainer was installed on the aircraft. Vincent is already working on the fitting of the cowling.


Alain, Ferhat and Pierre worked on the R-31 replica. A firct coat of painting was applied on the fuselage.


We started a great cleaning of the workshop. The target is to reorganize all the aera where we are working as we will need place when the Dragon will leave the workshop.


We are also working to prepare a file about the Miles Messenger. Nicolas already publish a good summary of the history of the aircraft at http://users.skynet.be/BAMRS/messenger/messengerpage1-en.htm


David delivered a new glider donated by the Tournai Air Club. This is a Schleicher KA.7 Rhonadler.


We added new references about restoration good practices on www.bamf.be  


The Renard R-32 is the subject of Avions Construits en Belgique by Jean-Pierre Decocq  

During World War II, Kansas City housed a North American plant where B-25’s were produced, see more in the links.


The library of Congress houses a huge collection of pictures about World War II. In this collection, many B-25’s pictures are on display on the net.


The Video section includes Sabena & Sabena Cargo videos.


Hoping to see you soon. 


Thanks to Philippe, Louis and Pascal for information or links included in these news. 




Schleicher KA.7 Rhönadler OO-ZWV
Royal Army Museum - Air & Space Hall - Brussels -
Mar 28, 2009
by bamf.bamrs
ON 28/03/2009, the Schleicher KA.7 Rhönadler OO-ZWV arrived at the Museum donated by the Tournai Air Club. This glider build of wood and metal will be soon displayed.


Tipsy Trainer
Royal Army Museum - Air & Space Hall - Brussels    
Mar 28, 2009
by bamf.bamrs
Here are some pictures taken during the restoration of the Tipsy. See more at http://users.skynet.be/BAMRS/t ipsy/Tipsy-en.htm
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DH 98 Mosquito NF 30 RK952

Royal Army Museum - Air & Space Hall - Brussels -

Mar 22, 2009 by bamf.bamrs


Installing the armor plates & radar details
You can find more details on this project at http://users.skynet.be/BAMRS /mosquito/mosquito-en.htm
Renard R-31 Mar 29, 2009 by bamf.bamrs                                           



Brussels Air Museum Foundation : A new chapter on our website. The first step : restoration ethics and good practices.

Promotional Video Part 1

Promotion video I received from SABENA employee Rudy Storms and digitalised it, then uploaded it
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The Voisin de Caters, the making of

Click on the links This booklet of 46 pages describes the construction of the replica of the Voisin biplane of Pierre de Caters at the Royal Army Museum Air & Space Hall in Brussels.

This pioneer aircraft celebrate the first Belgian pilot.

This publication contains more that 100 illustrations most of them in color.

All the benefits of this book will be used for future aircraft restoration

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The Voisin de Caters by Dragan Saler

Since many years now, Dragan Saler help us by producing 3D drawings of aircraft we are restoring. For the Voisin de Caters, Dragan produced 38 pieces of art. These drawings were intensively used as reference during the manufacturing of the aircraft and constantly updated during the project. This luxurious edition is available in very limited edition (40) for our sponsors.


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Current & Future Events


Stockel 100e anniversaire de l'arrivée du Tram 
May 8th, 9th, 10th 2009 
Bleriot Olieslagers display   
  Aviation Aces 
November 13, 2008  until end of april 2009  
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De Caters exhibition at the Museum

15.10.2008 - 28.02.2009

In the magical setting of the Royal Museum of the Army, the exhibition shows how many authors have drawn inspiration from history and military techniques.  In visiting the exhibition, the public will go through all the collections of the Museum.  Visitors will discover original and amusing showcases of items of the collections and how they are reflected in the comic strips.  The two dimensions of the comic strip are thus juxtaposed to the real world.
Royal Museum of the Army and of Military History
Parc du Cinquantenaire, 3
1000 Brussels


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