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October, 30st, 2011

“A B-25 back to Belgium” project.

What’s new since our last newsletter?

We have stripped our B-25 of all paint coats accumulated during 60 years.

This process revealed the markings of the aircraft when in use with the US Air Force. It was a long and complicated process that spared many hours of manual work. This operation also revealed the extent of the required activities will be needed to complete our target

Thanks to Dutch friends, we recently discovered that the B-25 conversion for civilian use made in the sixties was limited. Restoration to a configuration close to that of a Mitchell III of the 139 Wing will therefore be easier than originally planned.

After sanding, aircraft parts were protected with a special primer. Wings, nose, tail and rudders were put in storage in a hangar located at Grimbergen airport. We are looking for a suitable place for restoration activities. Using a hangar designed for aircraft proved to be a good solution: it avoids damage cauded by inadequate storage. The airframe sanding and priming, transport and storage represent an investment of more than 8.000 euro.

We are still looking for a final restoration location. Not an easy task, as this activity requires a roomy place, and compliance with environmental and safety regulations. But … hold the line, progress is in the pipeline!

When the B-25 arrived in Belgium, many parts were missing. Our team immediately started to list the spare parts needed, and their potential location. The first attached drawing depicts the present situation. What is ready for restoration is in grey, what is missing in red, what requires cleaning in dark green. What is already under restoration is in light green. One of our top achievements concerns the cockpit instruments. The second drawing summarises the result of a splendid day to day search by Eric. What we have is in black, what we still are looking for is yellow. If you happen to have (or to know where it can be found) a B-25 instrument panel or some of the missing instruments, please mail or call us.

What are the next steps?

First of all, we have to move the airframe to a place suitable for restoration activities. The cost of this move is estimated around 3.000 Euro. We need your help. The target is to collect this sum before the end of this year. (Donations above 40,00 euro are tax-deductible for Belgian tax payers).


Thanks to Didier, Eric, Vincent & Jean-Claude for their information.

You are welcome every Saturday to visit our workshop. Hoping to see you soon

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