bam : BAHA News : 24/10 - B-Hunter UAV's operational from Florennes airbase as of October 25th, 2010

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24/10 - B-Hunter UAV's operational from Florennes airbase as of October 25th, 2010

As of Monday October 25th, 2010, the B-Hunter Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) of the 80th Squadron UAV will be operational from Florennes airbase after their move from Elsenborn in Eastern Belgium. The unit and its 100 members of personnel had moved administratively to Florennes already on 18 October but due to bad meteorological conditions the first flight from the new base was postponed until next Monday. Source: Le Soir

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IAI - Eagle B-Hunter UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)This is a featured page

On December 10th, 1998 the council of ministers approved the acquisition of three B-Hunter UAV-systems, each consisting of 6 aircraft and two ground control stations. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicles replace the MBLE "Epervier" UAVs that were struck of charge in September 1999. The B-Hunters systems are normally based at Elsenborn while some three aircraft are detached to Koksijde airbase on a regular basis to perform pollution control missions in the Belgian territorial waters.

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SONACA est le leader de la société momentanée EAGLE constituée en partenariat avec IAI-MALAT pour les Systèmes UAV HUNTER. EAGLE a conçu, développé, qualifié aux standards militaires les plus élevés, certifié le système UAV B-HUNTER livré aux Forces Armées belges.

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