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News 13/09/2008

Definitively a lucky 13 !

Today, a long time friend, Louis Manhoet visited us. In 2001, Louis manufactured the Voisin de caters undercarriage. A few weeks ago, Louis was at the Museum and proposed to Pierre to give a finishing touch to the rear wheels of the de caters. At the start of XXth Century the rubber tyres were not black but grey and Louis was not happy with our modern black tyres. Although he is now 83 year old, Louis took the tyres with him back home and today he delivered these tyres in the right colours. In a few days, Pierre will deliver the main tyres to Louis to have these parts painted the same was as the rear ones.

The Baroness and Baron Alain de Caters also visited us on this Saturday. They are happy to learn the book of Guy de Caters will be soon available and to see the wings are now ready to be shipped to the workshop of Firmin Henrard for covering.
We also transported the Miesse and the Anzani engine to the first floor for the future de Caters exhibition.
See the Voisin de caters album below for the pictures.
A few days ago, Eric received from Sweden the spare parts manuals for the Mosquito NF30. It was years, we were looking for this document. Although Eric amassed a encyclopedic knowledge of the Mosquito, life will be now more easier and the right nut will be found in minutes.  This exceptional document was put immediately in good use for the repair of the crew door.
For the Melsbroek open day, André contacted the printer who already produced the nice poster depicting the Bristol Blenheim of Leopold Heimes. The painting of Claude Lesoil depicting our B-25 above the Museum was reproduced and will be available on Sunday. As some logbooks landed in the office of the Belgians in RAF and SAAF 1940-1945, some updates are foreseen.
Nicolas is still battling in the cockpit in the Dragon Rapide but is progresses are slow due to the difficulties of the restorations, everything is well on the way to complete the task.
André Hiernaux produced new fantastic renditions of the aircraft of the Museum. We are also adding the references to the Brussels Air Museum Magazine issues where the history of some of these aircraft was published ( see http://www.bamf.be/?Aircraft_of_the_Museum ) To be honest we are a little bit in trouble to follow the production rate of André but it is just a question of days before all illustrations will be published.
In the picture collections, we are also very happy to publish the first pictures of Jean-Luc Beghin. There are for sure some magnificent documents in the tube. 
New books

A new book on Pierre de Caters is in the pipeline. 'Baron de Caters - Een leven vol beweging’ by Guy de Caters will officially be published on December 8th (a magnificent sinterklas gift) by the Heemkring De Drie Rozen. The book will contain around 120 pages in 21 x 29,7 cm format.  This biography of the first Belgian aviator is written be a relative of Pierre de Caters and contains documents from the familly archives never published before. One of the most renowned specialist of pioneers aviation collaborated in this project.

You can already order your copy. To 1/11/2008 by bank transfer of 14,50 EUR to bank account 220-0416080-83 of Heemkring De Drie Rozen vzw, Kerkstraat 41-45, 2970 ‘s-Gravenwezel. After 1/11/2008, the price will be 19,50 EUR. In both case, please add 3,50 EUR (for Belgium) for postage cost. 

Full details at http://www.asa-be.com/Files/BookDecaters.pdf thanks to Dirk

A new book is also just published about the famous Poncelet company. More details will follow.


Voisin de Caters
Brussels Air Museum -
Sep 13, 2008
Pictures about the construction of the replica of the Voisin de Caters You can find more details about this project at http://www.bamfbamrs.be/Bamrs/voisin-en.htm and http://www.bamf.be/
Louis delivering the rear finished wheels and visit of Baron and Baroness Alain de caters
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DH 98 Mosquito NF 30 RK952 
Brussels Air Museum -
Sep 13, 2008
You can find more details on this project at http://users.skynet.be/BAMRS/mosquito/mosquito-en.htm
Putting in good use the recently acquired Mosquito spare parts manuel 
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Jean-Luc Beghin collection   
Sep 12, 2008
Jean-Luc Beghin is one of the most talented aviation illustrators. For some of us; we remember waiting to discover his fantastic illustrations of the F-16 or the Spitfire V when we were kids. Now Jean-Luc is living in the USA and works for aircraft constructors. we are happy to present his website. www.jeanlucbeghin.com Here are some picture of the picture collection of Jean-Luc
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Rosie the Riveters of World War II This video is a tribute to Rosie the Riveters and all those who helped out on the homefront . It provides a little history about the events of that time and how women were affected. Included in the video are audio clips of the lovable Fibber McGee and Molly, the voice of Sammy Kaye at the closing of one his music broadcasts (which was played on the radio just prior to the NBC announcement about the Pearl Harbor bombing) and the beginning of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's "Day of Infamy Speech."
The video clips used were taken from several Public Domain films made during the 1940s. Some of these clips include actual footage of the Pearl Harbor bombing on December 7, 1941.  ...
Links update
André Dillien lists : OO-Registers Belgian aircraft civil register, pilot lists updated 03/09/2008
The lists are now updated at http://www.bamfbamrs.be/Dillien
- The lists are sorted alphabetically
- The first file "Index" contain a description of the different lists.
- There is a new list "Museum" about aircraft preserved at the
Brussels Museum.
- The file TARIF-FRAGES contains the list and prices of André printed
To ease your search, you can use the sort by date option
Do not hesitate to contact André for corrections or updates
Future Event

Melsbroek September 14th
See more at 15th Wing Birthday (NL) or 15th Wing Birthday (FR)
The "B-25 back to Belgium" team will be there.

Zaventem 18th October 2008

Hello everyone !
The next edition of the BRUCONVENTION will take place on  in the usual location in Zaventem.
If you want more information, visit the website www.bruconvention.be
To book a table, simply send an email to this address : bruconvention@hotmail.com
See you soon in Zaventem !

Olivier Lamoral

A B-25 back in Belgium



We would like to reinforce the B-25 restoration Team.


For this purpose, the bamf is currently contracting insurance for 12 restorers. The restoration activities have already started and will soon enter greater scale operations. Although we are looking for persons with technical knowledge in aircraft restoration, we want also give the opportunity to unexperienced volunteers to join the project on a benevolent basis.

If you are motivated to work on a WW2 aircraft, please contact Nicolas at nicolas.godfurnon@skynet.be 


You can learn more about the project at http://www.bamfbamrs.be/B25/B25-en.htm


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c/o Royal Army Museum
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