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News 27/09/2008

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Haren-Evere book & exhibition event September, 25th 2008
Royal Army Museum - Air and Space Hall - Exhibition Aera - Brussels -
Sep 25, 2008
Special event on September 25th, 2008 at the occasion of the publication of the book of Sven Soupart on the Haren-Evere airfield and the opening of the exhibition on the history of the airfield. A new exhibition aera was used for the first time and Minister of Defence Peter De Crem was there.
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The French connection

Last Sunday, we escaped Brussels on the early morning to go to Le Bourget and Dugny. At the occasion of the European heritage days, the reserves and the workshops of the "Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace" were open to the public.

Another target of our trip was to visit the Henry Farman - Voisin exhibition celebrating the first 1 km flight of Henry Farman on a Voisin biplane. The same model of aircraft flow by Pierre de Caters. The exhibition is a success.  A reconstitution of the workshop of the Voisin brothers is the centrepiece of the exhibition. The Voisin biplane is suspended and mirrors give the impression 2 Voisins are flying over your head. The intelligent use of multimedia techniques permit you to read a "speaking book". By manipulating the pages of theses books, you heard the history of the Voisin brothers and Farman. A Diorama recreate the 1 km event.

There are a lot of others marvels to discover in the Museum. Hundred scale models are now displayed in well designed showcases. Rare constructors models, a fantastic scale model of the USS Enterprises or models made by hobbyists are displayed at their advantage. We also take the time to see the St Exupery exhibition, another nice example of modern techniques to tell a story, and to visit the World War 2 hall where the Marauder installation gives some ideas for the future display of the A-26.




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