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News 27/09/2008

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Haren-Evere book & exhibition event September, 25th 2008
Royal Army Museum - Air and Space Hall - Exhibition Aera - Brussels -
Sep 25, 2008
Special event on September 25th, 2008 at the occasion of the publication of the book of Sven Soupart on the Haren-Evere airfield and the opening of the exhibition on the history of the airfield. A new exhibition aera was used for the first time and Minister of Defence Peter De Crem was there.
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The French connection

Last Sunday, we escaped Brussels on the early morning to go to Le Bourget and Dugny. At the occasion of the European heritage days, the reserves and the workshops of the "Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace" were open to the public.

Another target of our trip was to visit the Henry Farman - Voisin exhibition celebrating the first 1 km flight of Henry Farman on a Voisin biplane. The same model of aircraft flow by Pierre de Caters. The exhibition is a success.  A reconstitution of the workshop of the Voisin brothers is the centrepiece of the exhibition. The Voisin biplane is suspended and mirrors give the impression 2 Voisins are flying over your head. The intelligent use of multimedia techniques permit you to read a "speaking book". By manipulating the pages of theses books, you heard the history of the Voisin brothers and Farman. A Diorama recreate the 1 km event.

There are a lot of others marvels to discover in the Museum. Hundred scale models are now displayed in well designed showcases. Rare constructors models, a fantastic scale model of the USS Enterprises or models made by hobbyists are displayed at their advantage. We also take the time to see the St Exupery exhibition, another nice example of modern techniques to tell a story, and to visit the World War 2 hall where the Marauder installation gives some ideas for the future display of the A-26.




There are some works in progress in some parts of the Museum but if the public can not directly access these areas, the aircraft are still visible and there is no trace of dust on the machine. When we arrived at the Museum, there was Museum personnel busy to clean (on a Sunday !) to keep the place neat for the visitors. Unfortunetly, the time was running fast and we need to leave to go to the reserves and the workshops. We had still the time to talk with peoples of the Museum, guides and volunteers. Thanks to all of them for their enthusiasm and kindness.

We meet Jean-Luc, the webmaster of Pyperpote website (the best place to know everything about Le Bourget) and we go to Dugny where the reserves and workshops of the Museum are located.

 We first visited the reserves where some gems as a Breguet 19, Morane Saulnier AI, Aero A300 or a rare Curtiss Wright seaplane are stored. To describe everything we saw should be too long. Our next step was the restoration workshops of the Museum. There you are entering world class installations with all the needed human skills and high tech technology. Fortunately another friend waited us there near a twin engined bomber.   Imagine a Douglas A-26 Invader with the undercarriage, the flaps, the landing lights and the turrets in function. We hope the project to show this aeroplane to the public with these devices working will be possible. It is fascinating and make the old lady alive. We meet new friends and Nicolas received on loan drawings and parts to install the periscope in our A-26. Some other surprises are also on display. Aircraft are ready for a prestigious exhibition on the Champs Elysées and a Potez 25 replica is under construction.

It was now the time to deliver our special magic medicine, we go to the Memorial Flight nest with some Belgian fine chocolate. We stay a long time with our friends discussing future (secret) projects and discovering their achievements : The Heinkel 162 Volkjaeger is nearly completely restored. The Strutter will fly next year and the LVG is progressing fast.

After this interesting visit, we go to the new installation of "Les Ailes Anciennes". The Museum has now allocated modern workshops to this group and you can not leave Dugny without visiting their Lancaster.

We thanks Alain, Arno, Jean-Luc and all our French friends for this wonderful day, hoping to see you soon in Brussels.



Musée de l'air et de l'Espace (Le Bourget)

Pyperpote (everything about le Bourget)

Memorial Flight

Les Ailes Anciennes

Fox Moth OO-ENC colours : Carl Gootzen <Carl.Gootzen@scarlet.be> is looking for the colours of the De Havilland Fox Moth OO-ENC used by Guy Hansez for flight from Antwerp to Congo in the Thirties. This aircraft is still extent in New Zealand. Carl has found a newspapers article speaking of red wings. In the UK, the aircraft was painted in a blue and red scheme. Some of the fine scale models on display in the Stampe Museum were build by Carl. Please if you any idea where the information can be found contact Carl or us.

Marquain Aerodrome BOSTA 6 of BOGHOL 5 1918 I have been trying to find out the details of the aerodrome at Marquain, Belgium in 1918. I believe it was the home of BOSTA 6 of BOGHOL 5, a German bomber unit operatingthe Friedrichshafen GIIIa. I have been struggling to find anyone in the UK who could help me and wondered if you might either have anyinformation or be able to refer me to someone in Belgium who might be able to help. Many thanks Mike Andrew Manchester UK  Mike.Andrew@MAELbox.com

From Jean-Luc Beghin

Subject: Memorial proposed to Donald Douglas

The following memo was sent to Boeing employees regarding the proposed memorial to Donald W, Douglas at the Santa Monica Airport. Please note the final paragraph which will take you to a web site that provides details on how names can be inscribed on the monument.
Nissen Davis
A very special monument is being built at the Santa Monica Airport in memory of Donald W. Douglas.  Do you know someone who once worked for
the Douglas Aircraft Company?  Did you work for Douglas Aircraft Company (or McDonnell Douglas)?

Take a moment to look at the website below and read about the extraordinary success of the DC-3, which was the result of the teamwork
of tens of thousands of men and women, who poured their days, nights, and lives into the production of the aircraft that helped to win a war,
inaugurate commercial aviation, and create a legacy that still lives on in the hearts and minds of Douglas Aircraft employees and their families. 

An enduring tribute to an aviation pioneer, Donald W. Douglas, and all of the men and women who worked to build Douglas airplanes to support
the U.S. and Allied Air Forces, the Douglas DC-3 Monument Park Plaza will be constructed at the Santa Monica Airport on property that was the
original site of Douglas Aircraft Company.  A new Museum of Flight will be built adjacent to the monument.

If you would like to have your name, or the name(s) of a friend or family member who worked for Douglas Aircraft, engraved on the Founders
Wall that will be a part of the monument site, please complete the donation form, found on the website below, and mail it in by October 15,
2008.  Your check should be made to the Donald W. Douglas Trust and mailed to Douglas DC-3 Monument, P.O. Box 8113, Long Beach, CA 90808.
If you have any questions, please call 1-800-606-3639, Access Code 00.


New books

A new book on Pierre de Caters is in the pipeline. 'Baron de Caters - Een leven vol beweging’ by Guy de Caters will officially be published on December 8th (a magnificent sinterklas gift) by the Heemkring De Drie Rozen. The book will contain around 120 pages in 21 x 29,7 cm format.  This biography of the first Belgian aviator is written be a relative of Pierre de Caters and contains documents from the familly archives never published before. One of the most renowned specialist of pioneers aviation collaborated in this project.

You can already order your copy. To 1/11/2008 by bank transfer of 14,50 EUR to bank account 220-0416080-83 of Heemkring De Drie Rozen vzw, Kerkstraat 41-45, 2970 ‘s-Gravenwezel. After 1/11/2008, the price will be 19,50 EUR.
In both case, please add 3,50 EUR (for Belgium) for postage cost. 

Full details at
http://www.asa-be.com/Files/BookDecaters.pdf thanks to Dirk

In October the 2009 Sabena Nostalgia calendar will be published. Each month is illustrated by aircraft flow by the company and pictures of air hostesses in the various uniforms of theses angels. The Calendar will be available at the shop of the Museum at the cost of 10 Euro.

Discover Greyhound books and their newsletter (thanks to Serge)

L’aérodrome de Haren-Evere Métamorphoses d’un haut lieu de l’aviation belge Texte de Sven Soupar

Het vliegveld van Haren-Evere Metamorfosen van een Belgisch luchtvaartmonument Tekst van Sven Soupart

Haren-Evere airfield Metamorphoses of a Landmark in Belgian Aviation History Text by Sven Soupart

The book is availlable in Dutch / French and English language
Exhibition about the Haeren-Evere airfield in the Air & Space Hall of the Royal Army Museum in Brussels
The book is availlable from the Museum Shop
more details at

A new book is also just published about the famous Poncelet company. More details will follow.


Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace - le Bourget (France) Henry Farman Exhibition
Le Bourget -
Sep 21, 2008  
Pictures about the Henri Farman exhibition see details on the site of Pyperpote (
http://www.pyperpote.tonsite.biz/pages/inauguration_exposition_les_voisin_de_farmanpag.html ) A very creative exhibition. To visit the Museum website go to http://www.mae.org
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Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace - Le Bourget (France) - Scale models gallery
Le Bourget -
Sep 21, 2008 
A Fantastic exhibition with constructors and hobbyists scale models. More details on the site of Pyperpote http://www.pyperpote.tonsite.biz/pages/galerie_des_maquettespag.html
To visit the Museum see
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Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace - Le Bourget - Displays
Le Bourget -
Sep 21, 2008 
The visit was very interesting. For example, a section of the great hall is under renovation but the public can still see the aircraft. The place is clean as the Ariane assembly line. The Jenatzy car (Jenatzy was Belgian and was a pilot with the Belgian air Force during WW1) is on display. Some displays are build with light material to be easily moved and the PSP plates around the Marauder is very inspiring for the A-26 display.
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Récupération Lysander 18092008 (Melsbroeck-Hangar 159 Brusses National Airport)
Brussels airport -
22 sept. 2008  de cpetit
Afficher l'album Voir le diaporama

Message de cpetit :
Cher amis SNOT
Voici quelques photos lors de la récupération de notre Lysander V9723 revenant du 15 Wing de Melsbroeck.
Photographe: Brusselaers Jeannine
Mise sur le Web :PETIT Christian
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Educational display Brussels Air Museum -
Sep 20, 2008

A few devices of the educational display prepared by André and Jean
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Scale models under repair   Sep 20, 2008

The Bleriot XI is a flying 1/10th model light damaged during an exhibition. He is now under repair
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Propeller installed on the Bleriot XI
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Renard R-31   Sep 20, 2008

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DH 98 Mosquito NF 30 RK952  Sep 20, 2008

You can find more details on this project at
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Voisin de Caters Brussels Air Museum -Sep 20, 2008
Pictures about the construction of the replica of the Voisin de Caters You can find more details about this project at
http://www.bamfbamrs.be/Bamrs/voisin-en.htm and http://www.bamf.be/
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Assembling the right and left wings
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Tipsy Sep 20, 2008

Here are some pictures taken during the restoration of the Tipsy
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On the 12/09/2008 the Westland Lysander OO-SOT of the Sabena oldtimers was moved to the Melsbroek air base for the 15th Wing Open door. The Lysander had just received his wings after a full restoration in the expert hands of the Sabena Oldtimers Foundation team. Video by Christian Petit

07:47 From: Bomberguy
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 Aircraft at the Museum

Morane Saulnier MS-317
Alouette II
Airspeed Oxford
Dornier 27
Miles Magister

Future Events

Aéropuces 2008

Visuel Aéropuces 2008

Faites prendre l'air à vos collections, les 4 et 5 octobre, hall Concorde.

La brocante aéronautique Aéropuces 2008 se tiendra au Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace les 4 et 5 octobre 2008, de 10 à 18 heures.

Ce sera l'occasion pour vous de faire prendre l'air à vos collections... Rendez-vous dans le hall Concorde pour acheter, échanger et rencontrer des passionnés.

Zaventem 18th October 2008

Hello everyone !
The next edition of the BRUCONVENTION will take place on  in the usual location in Zaventem.
If you want more information, visit the website www.bruconvention.be
To book a table, simply send an email to this address : bruconvention@hotmail.com
See you soon in Zaventem !

Olivier Lamoral

 A B-25 back in Belgium


We would like to reinforce the B-25 restoration Team.


For this purpose, the bamf is currently contracting insurance for 12 restorers. The restoration activities have already started and will soon enter greater scale operations. Although we are looking for persons with technical knowledge in aircraft restoration, we want also give the opportunity to unexperienced volunteers to join the project on a benevolent basis.

If you are motivated to work on a WW2 aircraft, please contact Nicolas at nicolas.godfurnon@skynet.be 


You can learn more about the project at http://www.bamfbamrs.be/B25/B25-en.htm


Brussels Air Museum Foundation a.s.b.l.
c/o Royal Army Museum
Parc du Cinquantenaire/Jubelpark, 3
B-1000 Brussels




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