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03/12 - FEDERAL POLICE Green light for upgrade of Federal Police helicopters.

03/12 - AIR COMPONENT:  Helicopter with Belgian crew who went missing in 1965 discovered 

03/12 - AIR COMPONENT:  Air Component Alouette III helicopters loose their "Marine " titles.

02/12 - AIRLINES:  Thai Airways "Cargo" flying to/from Belgium

02/12 - AIRLINES:  Brussels Airlines passengers can now offset their CO2 emissions

02/12 - AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL:  Six States go forward with common air traffic management.


Belgian Wings NEWS : Trim 04/2010 

Pic of the Week
Dassault Mirage 5BA BA60 Mirsip prototype
Prototype Mirage 5BA Mirsip (Mirage Systems Improvement Programme) BA-60 during a test flight in early 1993.

New Pictures



Friday July 6th, 1917, HRH King Albert flies in Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter S-3 piloted by Count Jacques de Meeûs along the frontline.

T-33A FT-28 in the static display of the Beauvechain Airshow on June 28th, 1970.

Siai Marchetti SF260M+ ST06 in flight near Beauvechain on July 21st, 2010




Percival P.44 Proctor V OO-ARM of the Cogea Nouvelle seen at Oostende airport around 1960.

Avro Anson Mk. 19 OO-DFA of Coastal Air Transport. This aircraft is now stored at the Royal Army Museum's Vissenaken depot.

Reims-Cessna FA152 Aerobat OO-VCL of the Vliegclub Grimbergen, landing at the Schaffen-Diest Fly In on August 14th, 2010.


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